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  1. AMC Pacer
  2. Crappy Car Crappy Cars Really Crappy Cars

  3. Ford Pinto
  4. Ford Pinto Ugly Ford Pinto Ford Pintos

  5. Aston Martin Lagonda
  6. Really Bad Car Bad Cars Bad Car

  7. Chevrolet Chevette
  8. Very Bad Car Very Bad Cars Very Bad Vehicle

  9. Oldsmobile Toronado
  10. Worst Car Ever Built Worst Cars Ever Built Worst Vehicle Ever Built

  11. Ford Mustang MKII
  12. Crappy Ford Car Crappy Ford Cars Crappy Ford Mustang

  13. AMC Eagle Wagon
  14. Worst Car Made Worst Car Ever Made Worst Cars Ever Made

  15. Yugo GV Plus
  16. Worst Cars In The World Worst Car In The World Baddiest Car In The World

  17. Pontiac Aztec
  18. Worst SUV Made Worst SUVs Made Worst SUV Built

  19. Suzuki Samurai
  20. Tipsy SUVs Tipsy SUV Crappy SUV

Disclaimer: This list of the Top Ten Worst Cars Ever Made is merely the opinon of the editor and is by no means intended to be construed as factual information.

The Worst Cars Ever Built ...

Over the years, there has been much debate as to which particular make and model car is the undisputed, undeniable worst car ever made. The truth is that although we can take a close look at the facts, the only person that can really determine what the worst car ever built, is yourself. This is simply because many of the the factors that collectively work to determine the worst cars, are factors that tend to be a matter of preference rather than a hard fact. For instance, the Pontiac Aztec is considered by many to be one of the worst cars ever, mainly due to its non-traditional, commonly unpopular exterior styling. This is not a fact, however a car having been proven to demonstrate the worst reliability record or to be the slowest car in the world, would be considered trusted, evidential information in which could be considered as a determinate in quantifying a crappy car.

The Worst Cars Ever Made

Others would argue that you should consider the cars styling into the equation more, by means of quantifying it with a ratio of the sales forecast for that results and the styling being the obvious culprit to the shortfall. Some of the worst cars ever made are poorly manufactured, others have extraordinarily unpopular designs, while still others where doomed to fail via another dynamic, like bankrupting the manufacturer solely because of that car becoming an amazing flop. In my opinion there have been some pretty cool cars that have done the latter and bankrupted their creator. Take the De Lorean DMC 12 (as seen in the Back to the Future movies). This car is awesome if you ask me. It boasts some striking doors, similar to a classic Mercedes Gullwing coupe and the body panels were constructed out of stainless steel, which is something that you don't see everyday. Despite the cool car elements the De Lorean had, it was still certainly a flop in the way that it had poor performance and handling, the car doors were improperly engineered and ultimately the car company went bankrupt because of the significantly less-than-expected sales figures.

Really Crappy Cars

There are many cars that are considered to be a bad car. The worlds worst cars have been created from nearly every manufacturer (some more than others), and can be found in every class of vehicle ranging from sports cars, luxury cars, economy cars, exotic cars and everything in between. Some of the most well known bad cars in the last couple decades are the Ford Pinto, AMC Gremlin, the notoriously tipsy Suzuki Samurai and the Chevy Citation. The history of the Automotive industry is jam-packed with colossal failures, but it is ultimately up to the individual to decide what the worst cars ever built in the world are to them.

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