Victoria Beckham Spotted in Her Bentley in Beverly Hills

Victoria Beckham In Bentley

In early September 2012 a editor spotted none other than Victoria Beckham driving through Beverly Hills, California in her new Bentley GT Continental.  The editor was on assignment taking pictures of exotic high-end cars in this west coast sanctuary for the rich (and evidently famous) while he made the discovery.  Unless you’re living under a rock for the past 15 years, you know that Victoria is well known for her membership in the Spice Girls pop group.  While her musical endeavors make her famous on her own right , she is perhaps more known for her marriage to soccer superstar David Beckham.  The couples $10 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion is not far off from where this video and pictures were taken of the pop star. The pearl white Bentley is a thing of Beauty and certainly in it’s natural habitat cruising through Beverly Hills…and oh yeah, most would concur that the same goes for Victoria.   Check out the pictures and video of Victoria Beckham’s car in Beverly Hills and feel free to speak your mind in the comment section below!



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