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Car Cover Reviews

Many car guys own car covers. Whether it’s to keep the dust off their sports car that they drive a couple times a month or to keep debris from their beloved beat up pickup outside. I had a car cover for a sedan I sold about 15 years ago, but unfortunately that cover was far from perfect. It was very difficult if not impossible for one person to setup and in just a few months of outside exposure it showed serious signs of deterioration. Although I didn’t have the best experience with my old car cover I also know that car cover technology has improved over time and not all car cover retailers are created equal. I’ve been itching to get another car cover for several years now and finally acquired one for my Jaguar XJR from I wanted a car cover that would protect my pride and joy from scratches and dust when in the garage and from rain, debris and bird crap when parked outside.

There are many car cover merchants, but from what I could find, had the best reputation in terms of customer service and product quality. I opted for their top tier “Ultimate Shield” car cover because it guards against pretty much anything and everything that you would ever need a car cover to protect. For example it is totally waterproof, protects against UV light damage, reduces heat damage, protects from bird droppings, protects from the effects of acid rain, is rot and mildew resistant and includes a 7 year warranty to give me a bit of peace of mind. My car cover kit included a storage bag, an antenna kit (which I didn’t need), a locking cable kit, 3 microfiber towels and an instruction manual. Unlike my old car cover, the “Ultimate Shield” car cover was very easy to setup. The elastic material in the front and rear enabled me to do the setup by myself, even in relatively high winds. I thought the car cover fit well – not too tight and not too loose. The security kit can also tighten the fit of the car cover as well as a “gust strap” that can also be purchased. The fleece interior of the car cover feels nice and soft as would be expected and should be totally scratch free. Overall, I am happy with my Jaguar XJR car cover so far.  Make sure to post a comment below and tell us your experience with car covers. 


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