The Price is Right Offers a Ferrari 458 Spider Prize

Price Is Right Ferrari Prize

The Price is Right addicts love to watch this renowned daytime game show especially for moments when contestants have a chance to win a brand new car.  With the exception of the Tesla Roadster a few years back, the typical new car offered to win on the program is nothing exciting.   Viewers expect to see a base model Toyota Corolla or perhaps a stripped down Ford Escape, but surely not a nearly $300K supercar.  My favorite part of the video is watching the Price is Right contestants and crowd react to the car being revealed.  It’s pure pandemonium.   I can’t imagine a better car for the Price is Right to break its most expensive prize record and make a statement that they are willing to give away much more expensive prizes then you might have expected.  I can easily say that the Ferrari 458 Italia is my favorite car.  It drives like a dream and has become well embedded into my Powerball jackpot dreams.  I can only assume that the convertible version of the Ferrari 458 that I drove is even better. Perhaps where the car lacks in structural rigidity it makes up for in overall sensory enjoyment with the top down.   Watch the video below and see if the Price is Right contestant wins this new Ferrari 458 Spider on the game show or blows her chance.

Watch a Supercar Being Offered on the Price is Right:

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