Audi R8 Racetrack Driving Experience from Xtreme Xperience

Audi R8 Experience

The Audi R8 is an incredible high-performance car that by my perspective does everything well.  It’s an Audi Quattro (AWD) so it handles well, accelerated very quickly, sounds amazing, looks striking from every angle and perhaps most importantly, is exceptionally comfortable.  Unlike many exotics, the Audi R8 could easily be a daily driver due to its relatively rare level of creature comforts, including supple seats and a ear popping sound system.  But who would want to turn on the radio when the R8’s 4.2L V8 engine is all the music one needs.  I was fortunate enough to recently participate in a Audi R8 Racetrack Driving Experience from Xtreme Xperience at the Hallett Racing Circuit.  The R8 was absolutely amazing!  So quick, so agile and so much fun.  Xtreme Xperience offered the 3 lap experience in the R8 for only $399.  Although that may seem like a lot of money, I can attest that it was worth every penny!  I mean how often to you get the chance to drive a $150,000 automobile all-out in speeds that can reach well over 100 mph on a genuine race track?  Make sure to check out the other articles from my day at Xtreme Xperience and if you want to see if they are coming to a track near where you live then check them out here: Supercar Driving Experience


Xtreme Xperience Audi R8 Pictures:


Xtreme Xperience Audi R8 Racetrack Driving Experience Video:


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