The Great Lego Hot Rod Project

Full Size Lego Cars

Legos are used to build just about everything on the planet: police stations, French restaurants, Cinderella dream carriages, Star Wars Death Stars, Lego models of Wrigley Field, and even Hobbit wonderlands filled with Lego wizards and Lego orcs. Hopefully a Lego Legolas and his Lego elves will get there in time to rescue Gandalf the Gray Lego. It’s a big, wild world of Lego and it’s just waiting to be built. But there’s just one thing. These Lego worlds are small scale — little play-sets that get walked on in the dead of night in your bare feet. So what if some ultimate Lego-loving nerds actually took Legos to the next level and built something BIG and ready to roll? Well two super crazy, super nerdy guys did just that. During their top secret plan, codenamed “Super Awesome Micro Project,” they built a fully armed and operational…Death Star!

Actually, that didn’t happen. It would’ve been totally cool (and terrifying) to have a Lego Death Star, but there just aren’t enough Legos in all the galactic empire to pull that one off (sorry Darth Vader). Instead, Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida did the next best thing. They used 500,000+ Legos and combined them with actual auto parts to build a life-size Lego Car that can reach almost 19 mph! Is that even street legal? If it sounds like something out of the maniacal dreams of Dr. Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” then you’re absolutely right. Life-size Lego cars have been built before, usually as an advertising stunt, but this Lego Hot Rod has everything and actually drives! Lego steering wheel, Lego seats, Lego car engine that runs on air….if they would’ve built themselves a Lego girlfriend to drive around it would’ve been almost perfect. The dynamic duo, however, couldn’t have built this Lego “babe magnet” without the help of some deep pockets. Using the magic of social media, they tweeted for help and 40 Lego maniacs came to the rescue by donating at least $500 each for the completion of the “Super Awesome Micro Project.” That’s a $20,000 Lego Hot Rod ready to rumble. Check out the guys taking it for a test drive in the video below. It’s actually extremely creative and cool. Do your thing fellas! Try not to get a speeding ticket. And make sure you pack some extra Legos for repairs in case you scrape that bad boy up.


Full-Size Drivable Lego Car Video:


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