Today’s Ten Best Car Colors

A great color can make a great car into a legend, or the wrong color can make it go unnoticed in a sea of boring beige or white vehicles. While red is always attention grabbing, and black is usually sinister, there are a lot more options available. Here are the 10 best car colors available right now.


Gunmetal Pearl

best car colors
Available on the 2015 Dodge Viper, this is one of the most wicked looking colors ever. Rather than the other silver option, a boring billet silver which looks like it should be on a Honda Accord, Gunmetal Pearl resembles a polished version of high tech stealth fighters. On a car that looks absolutely nasty, select this colors, and you won’t go wrong playing the bad guy.


Lava Orange

best car color
The outstanding Porsche 911 GT3 RS has the appropriately named Lava Orange. It’s not the burnt orange of the Texas Longhorns (thankfully), but it’s not a citrus orange either. Instead, this color is what you picture when you hear the name. It looks like what came out of a volcano and began cooling, was scooped up and painted on a hardcore 911. It’s a $3,100 upcharge, but is probably worth it since the car is pure awesomeness.


Sequin Blue

best blue car color
Bentley offers a lot of tame colors on their range topping Mulsanne Speed, mostly ranging from white to silver. Even Dragon Red looks more like it should be called Rusty Pontiac. One exception is the remarkable Sequin Blue. You know that great blue Ford used to debut the new Ford GT concept earlier this year? It’s that sexy, intelligent, high-tech blue that looks fantastic on anything, and the big luxury barge is no exception.


Race Red

best red car color
Alright, so a basic red isn’t all that cool. Ford went a bit different with their Race Red on the 2015 Mustang. Rather than the typical fire engine red that looks a bit dated on modern cars, the Mustang wears a shade with the impact of crimson, but not as dark. The new pony looks great in this complimentary shade, and other than possibly Triple Yellow, Race Red is the way to go.


Velocity Yellow

best yellow car color
A favorite of Corvette Z06 owners for the past 10 years, Velocity Yellow is a great choice. A lot of yellows can look wimpy or washed out, but Chevy got this one right. It’s a bold color, but without looking like a kid’s toy. The vents and carbon fiber bits on the Z06 stand out in extra sharp contrast to the yellow paint, and you can see how GM really tried on this car. It’s a grand extra, but Velocity Yellow is worth it.


Molten Pearl

best white car color
This color is a weird one, much like the Lexus RC F it covers. The RC F is an overpowered drift toy from a company that builds the sleepy Toyotas. Also weird, but great, are the color options. The standard colors aren’t bad, but Molten Pearl is where it’s at. This is kind of a sparkling burnt orange that has been balanced out with some clay tones. If that makes any sense. On this unusual car, this unusual stands out from every other car color out there.


Racing Green

best green car color
The Lotus Evora is love it or hate it among car people, but there is one thing owners can do to make more people love it. British Racing Green is the classic sports car color for any fun little car from the UK. It’s forest green without being drab, it’s emerald green, but a little more brute than feminine. This color makes me want to buy an E-Type.


Obsidian Black Metallic

Best Black Car Color
The Tesla Model S is a great looking sedan, especially when you consider the technology and performance value for the price. The basic black looks nice, but pay the extra grand for Obsidian Black (you won’t be paying for gas, so you have the cash). It’s a deep – but not midnight – black, with some metal flake sparkles. Like the Model S, it looks great in natural or city lighting.


Ivory Tri-coat Pearl

best car paints
White is boring, but it can be better. Most everyday white cars cruising the road are listed as bright white, or maybe arctic white. We get it: it’s white. Several layers of pearl, like on the Dodge Challenger, alter white like few other shades. It’s deeper and sparkling, like that Bentley owner above spilled his Cristal on your plebian Dodge. Still, it looks nice, and if you insist on a tame shade that is hard to keep clean, load up on the pearl.


Verde Mantis

Amazing Car Colors
No one goes full-on nuts better than Lamborghini. Cars like the new Huracan prove the company is staffed and run by 12-year-old boys, and it shows in their color variety too. In addition to several bold blues and yellows, they offer an eye catching green called Verde Mantis (that’s Italian for green – um, mantis). It looks like a proper Lambo should: like a giant toy come to life. This green looks as good as this car sounds.

So there you have it; the best 10 car colors available right now. Which one is your fav? Let us know if we missed one, and feel free to add another great car color.

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