1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 Video

Packing a fully detailed K-Code 289 and a tough Toploader 4-speed in a freshly restored wrapper, this fully documented Mustang is 1 of 35 ’67 Shelbys to wear a supercharger, and 1 of only 5 to be painted Candyapple Red. Assembled nine days behind schedule, this pristine ’67 Shelby GT350 was shipped to Robie Ford in Dorchester, Massachusetts and likely saw very little showroom time before its awesome power and killer style were unleashed on Boston’s mean streets. But, as with many cars, this Mustang’s northeast christening was only the beginning of its journey, as the next two decades were spent traveling through the dry climates of Arkansas, Texas and Arizona. At the end of the first muscle car boom, circa 1990, a highly detailed restoration, envisioned by a new sequence of owners, was started but never completed. And ultimately, it wouldn’t be until March of 2011 when the car’s current owner, an MCA Gold Card judge, would successfully execute a nut and bolt rotisserie rebuild. Lift this Shelby’s glossy red hood and you’ll find a fresh 289 cubic inch small block V8 that displays a correct C5AE-6015E casting number below an era-correct April (D) 18th (18) of 1967 (7) casting date. Completely rebuilt from its carburetor all the way down to its Ford Blue oil pan, this Mustang’s Cobra Hi-Riser motor utilizes a heavy duty crank and rotating assembly, a hot NOS camshaft, solid lifters and a correct Paxton supercharger to transform stout 10.5 to 1 compression into an impressive 450 horsepower! Aesthetically, this Mustang’s exceptionally detailed engine bay appears very close to original and features an even combination of satin black and Ford Blue paint under correct Ford decals. And everything, from the car’s March (C) of 67 (7) harmonic balancer to its April (4) of 1967 (7) front engine cover, is correct, fully-sorted and absolutely spotless. Behind Ford’s legendary V8 an original close-ratio Toploader 4-speed spins a correct open differential between tall 3.89 gears and original axles. In the middle of the car, an aluminized true dual exhaust system funnels spent gases through a traditional H-pipe crossover, original-style exhaust clamps, long resonators and a reproduction transverse muffler that’s complete with correct stampings. And at the edges of the car, Ol’ Shel’s power flows to the pavement through correct E70-15 Goodyear Speedway rollers that are wrapped around razor-sharp Magstar wheels. Inside this killer pony car’s impressive cockpit you’ll find a correct deluxe interior that was painstakingly reconstructed using a stellar combination of original and reproduction pieces. The first thing you’ll notice is an old school wood-rimmed and chrome-trimmed EPPI steering wheel that spins around a gold GT350 centerpiece. Above that steering wheel, a great looking dash frames a correct 140 MPH speedometer, a correct 8,000 RPM tachometer and a Ford AM radio in satin silver trim. In front of that dash, plush vinyl seats, which probably haven’t broken double digit hours in seat time, present no evidence of sun damage or rot. And beneath those seats, new black carpet and bright stainless sills center an original Ford shifter between thick rubber mats and authentic Stewart Warner gauges. This professionally restored GT350 is a documented, fully-sorted classic which drives and sounds every bit as good as it looks.

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