The Original Sting Ray: A Special Kind of Corvette

The 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray is a special car in itself, as any Corvette aficionado will tell you. So how do you make a ’63 Sting Ray stand out from such an exclusive pack? With history. This ’63 Corvette, numbered “7-11,” was a raced by Gary Pickens in the 1960s. The race team swapped out the engine’s carbureted system for that of Z06 fuel-injection. (A rare option among ’63s.) Apparently it made for a great package since Elvis Presley took to driving it in Viva Las Vegas. Michael “Corvette Mike” Vietro, a well-known figure in SoCal ‘Vette scene, explains how his crew revived the Pickens car after decades of slumber.

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