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Scott Huntington

Scott Huntington isn’t your typical car guy. He grew up with an indifference towards them, which now allows him to still remember the way non-car people think. He tries to write so that anyone can understand, no matter what their knowledge level. He’s been featured on Yahoo Autos, GT Spirit, Business Insider, and more. Check out his own blog Off The Throttle or follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington.

Dream Cars: Dream Cars: An all-blue trio of the 2017 Ford GT, Mustahg Shelby 350R, Focus RS. Then throw in a red 1967 Dino 206 GT, yellow Lotus Elise Sport 220 with plaid interior, and an old Ford Tempo to beat up, soup up, and have fun with.

Premium Vs Regular Gas – Which is best for your car?

Have you ever borrowed a friend’s car only to find out there’s no gas in it, and it only runs on premium? Many turbocharged cars and some naturally aspirated performance cars require only the good stuff, but what about using premium in your car even if the manufacturer doesn’t require it — are there any gains to be had? Could the better fuel result in increased mpg? The answer is ...
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