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Zeroto60Times.com was created out of frustration over the past 15 years of leveraging what we felt were sub-par car statistics websites. We felt that there could be a much better resource for both 0 to 60 and quarter mile car stats. We were tired of having to piece together stats from numerous sources to get an idea of various car’s stats, and we thought that an all-encompassing 0-60 website, organized by make for easy site navigation, would provide the best solution.


We understand that Zeroto60Times.com is by no means perfect, nor as complete as it will be, but we believe it is an improvement over “the other guys” offering similar stats. Don’t be fooled by the many 0-60 site copycats on the internet who’s stats are unreliable to say the least.  We were the first 0-60 and quarter mile site online offering all major makes and models and remain the most popular, trusted and respected.  Unlike others, most of our stats take the best times from credible sources and then average those stats together to get our unique result.  We feel this is the best method to offer our visitors the most accurate 0-60 and quarter mile stats anywhere.


Don’t forget to email us and let us know what you think we can do better or what you would like to see next. We are car guys just like you and respect your opinion. As a matter of fact, we have already made a few modifications based on emails we have received from visitors like you.  Whether its a suggestion for a new blog article , poll question, quiz game, 0-60 stat or any other feedback; please let us know!



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