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Zero to 60 Car Lists

Explore these Special Car Spec Lists

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Doppelgangers: Ordinary Cars that Resemble Other Higher-End Cars

Do you ever get two cars confused with one another because they look so similar?  Uhhh yeah me neither! ...cough cough.  Prideful car enthusiasts won’t admit falling for mistaken identities, nonetheless most of us will do this from time to time.  The truth is that there is a number of cars that look relatively similar to each other, with some being nearly identical twin ‘doppelganger cars’. Our list ...
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TOP 12 Celebrities Who Race Cars

Celebrities and high horsepower cars seem to go hand in hand, but there’s only a few that seem to be able to handle those exotic rides. While many famous celebs give racing a try - like Tim Allen, Tom Cruise, and Frankie Munoz - it turns out that throwing money at an interest doesn’t often equal success. However, sometimes there are true racers that just happen to already be famous off the track. Here ...
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Top Ten Deathtrap Cars

Most cars are extremely safe vehicles, dozens of warning systems, active safety measures, and a bazillion air bags. Older cars aren’t nearly as safety oriented, and there have been some straight up deadly vehicles on the road. Here are the top ten deathtrap vehicles.
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