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Crazy Fast Wagons

1 of 9 Crazy Fast Wagons

Call it odd or unfortunate: the time most men gather enough wealth to afford a sportier car is usually during their mid-30s and early 40s. By that point you are statistically likely to have a family so a two-seater or even a 2-door anything won’t quite cut it, especially with the ton of groceries, diapers and school supplies you regularly purchase.

So, what do you do? Just give up and get the bulkiest, ugly-looking, boring as hell minivan? No! You go for a wagon with enough space for your family and enough horses to never have your kids late for school or soccer practice. Here are some crazy fast station wagons that you can easily daily drive during the week, and track on the weekends (well, except for the last one). Check them out below, starting with a few more affordable bits.

I wonder who ever looked at a regular Mercedes AMG E63 and thought: “it looks great, but I feel it isn’t powerful enough”. Well, regardless of how such a thing crossed a buyer’s mind, Brabus quickly came with a solution: a custom-made Mercedes E63 AMG that is good for 840 horses and 186 mph of top speed.

Acceleration to 60mph just tips the 3 second mark and when you go for slick tires, the speed limiter goes away and you are able to keep the throttle pressed to 217mph. You have to really need those groceries fast if you’re looking at a car like this.

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