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List of the Greatest Car Nicknames

1 of 20 Subaru WRX STi

Subaru WRX STi

As car enthusiasts, you might sometimes get a little carried away with your opinion (us here too). During the exchange of knowledge, or just while internet trolling, we sometimes create nicknames for our cars. Some of these nicknames stick.

Maybe the name rings true with many owners, or just touches humorously on some shared experience. Whatever the reason behind them, we went looking for the best car nicknames out there, and found quite a few. You guys are crazy.

Subaru in general has a lot of nicknames, but the WRX takes the prize for the most alternative names. Scoobie or Subie is commonly used for any Subaru, but “Rex” (or “Wrecks”) is seen a lot when referring to the WRX. Also blob eye or round eye, depending on the year.

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  • James Repo

    Blob Eye, Bug eye, hawk eye… lol round eye.. maybe a little more research is needed..

    • Ethan T. White (Tatertot Films

      Hawk Eye is my favorite gen. of the subies

  • Trey Hewett

    My daily is a black diamond tri-coat CTS-V coupe. I call her Michelle. “Why,” you ask?

    Because she’s a Cadillac & is supposed to be classy. In fact, she’s a fast workin’ girl with a fat ass… named after our current 2016 First Lady.

    Try to look at another CTS-V couple & not think of this.

    • Mitt Zombie

      Your dad is real classy….

  • spuy767

    My friend from Japan called his ’03 “The Gaijin”.

  • It Me

    “How do you do, fellow kids?”

  • Devils Advocate

    How could this list be made and not include the Pontiac GTO aka Goat

  • Ethan T. White (Tatertot Films

    Actually, I call PT Cruisers TP Losers

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