0-60 By Engine Type


Find 0 to 60 performance specs by Car Engine Type

When it comes to car performance stats such as 0-60 times, the size and type of the engine will have a considerable influence on the performance. Although ultimately the power-to-weight ratio of the vehicle is the best determinate of its 0-60 or quarter mile potential; the size and type of the engine is also a decisive component. Therefore we have compiled a comprehensive list of 0-60 times by engine size and type. In this section you can easily find thousands of 0-60 specs segmented by various engine sizes including 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders and even 12 cylinder torque monsters. You can also find stats assembled according to engine type, such as Electric, Gas-Electric Hybrid and Diesel engine cars. Under ‘All Other Cars’ you’ll find a list of 0-60 car stats from other engine sizes, such as the W16 engine found in Bugatti hypercars. Make sure to check back soon to this 0 to 60 by engine category is frequently updated.