24 Twitter Accounts Motorheads Must Follow

Best Car Twitter Accounts

How much information can Twitter, or “X” provide within 280 characters? Well, given the immense popularity of the short format social platform, it may seem that it’s not really about the number of words. Instead, catching the eye of the ever-scrolling person is what makes Twitter special.

As such, many celebrities, magazines and other publications use Twitter as a way to inform on their activities, spread their agenda, and, in case of motorheads, share their knowledge and passion for everything on 2 or 4-wheels.

There are thousands of automotive focused accounts on Twitter, however most are worth a look. Here is our list of the best 25 car-related Twitter accounts you should follow.


Jeremy Clarkson @JeremyClarkson

Jeremy Clarkson Twitter

Everybody in the motoring world is familiar with the name. After creating what has been the most-watched factual TV program (Top Gear), Jeremy Clarkson gathered around 8 million followers on Twitter. His tweets regarding cars and the automotive market in general get on average 30,000 retweets. Clarkson’s tweets often feature his old friends and former TopGear co-stars James May and Richard Hammond and with a good dose of clever automotive humor.


Leno´s Garage @LenosGarage

Jay Lenos Twitter

Comedian, TV host, and most notably, legendary car collector, Jay Leno, has the Twitter Leno’s Garage, which brings to the Twitterverse the most recent updates of his dynamic YouTube channel. There, Leno drives some of the most precious cars in his immense car collection, as well as showcasing stories behind the people and their beloved cars. Short video clips of the Leno’s Garage are posted exclusively on Twitter, making it a channel you don’t want to miss on.


Chris Evans @achrisevans

Chris Evans Twitter

After taking Clarkson’s role in BBC’s Top Gear show, Chris Evans was clearly having to fill some very big shoes. However, despite lacking as many followers as his predecessor, Evans managed to create a loyal fanbase that enjoy watching his short bits on upcoming shows. Chris Evans is also known to host multiple radio shows, covering a variety of trending automotive topics.


Chris Harris @harrismonkey

Chris Harris Twitter

Unlike some other presenters, Chris Harris managed to make a name for himself in the car world before entering the TV business. Harris is famous for his thrilling reviews of performance cars in which he pushing them to their grip limit. He loves to make rubber boil while going sideways in a corner, and posts all about it on his Twitter account.


Sniff Petrol @sniffpetrol

Richard Porter Twitter

Most car related Twitter accounts are fully informative, competing to provide the most interesting bits for motorheads to consume and generate traffic. There may be a witty remark thrown here and there, but nobody does it as well as Sniff Petrol. Behind the keyboard, Richard Porter has a natural ability to mix cars with fun, otherwise than driving. His 100k followers enjoy every bit of sass and wit Porter has to offer.


Darren Heath @F1Photographer

Darren Heath Twitter

One of the veterans of F1 photography, back in 1997, Darren Heath had his shots on the cover of all sporting media outlets after he single handedly managed to spot McLaren’s carefully hidden anti-understeer system. How did he figure this out? His pics showed how, unlike other competitors, McLaren’s brake discs were glowing red hot in places where the car was accelerating, not braking.

Even as of today, Darren Heath’s pictures are some of the best in motorsport photography. Highlights are available on his Twitter.



Central Motorway Police Group Twitter

This one’s a wildcard. Unlike what you may expect, CMPG stands for Central Motorway Police Group. It’s an account made mainly to inform on criminal events, while also providing valuable information on how to avoid being victim of a crime, driving tips and various awesome shots captured by policemen on duty.


Petrolicious @petrolicious

Petrolicious Twitter

There isn’t exactly a lack of rare cars on Twitter, but there is hardly anyone else stacking them better than Petrolicious.   Instead, there is an entire team working to provide special classic cars with a story to be told.

Narratives are compiled together with some of the best cinematographic clips in automotive filming. Petrolicious videos don’t feel like regular reviews; they feel like million-dollar works of art. Not even mainstream media outlets come close to the cinematic quality of that Petrolicious has to offer – and for that reason alone they’re a must-follow for any motorhead.


Sunday Times Driving @ST_Driving

Sunday Times Driving Twitter

Not just good for links towards well-structured reviews, but also one of the best sources for live tweeting during major motorsport events and shows. The writing team of Sunday Times Driving throws in great names making it a worthy account to follow. If you’re not convinced yet, know that Jeremy Clarkson himself sometimes goes behind the wheel of the account!


Elon Musk @elonmusk

Elon Musk Twitter

Tesla and SpaceX owner, Elon Musk, is considered by many as the closest thing to the real-life Iron Man that earth has to offer. He has become infamous for his quirky, funny or sometimes market moving tweets, like when he tweeted that Tesla would stop accepting crypto for payments on new cars, which temporarily crashed the price of Bitcoin.

With over 100 million followers, the Tesla co-founder often drops bits on new Tesla specs and upgrades, future mobility plans and, well, anything else in between. He sometimes takes time to reply to tweets calling him out, so it is worth trying your luck!


Spike Feresten @SpikeFeresten

Spike Feresten Twitter

Michael Donovan “Spike” Feresten is an American television writer and comedian, better known for his work on Seinfeld. He is currently hosting Spike’s Car Radio, showcasing his love about classic cars. He is the owner of a beautiful Porsche 356 Zagato. Spike also presents awesome muscle cars in Car Matchmaker. His Twitter showcases the latest updates featuring car stories, all around the US.


Jerry Seinfeld @JerrySeinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Twitter

A comedian may not seem the greatest pick regarding cars. However, you should watch Jerry Seinfeld’s account for posts labeled Seinfeld: CCC. It stands for “Comedians in cars getting coffee”. On each episode, Seinfeld picks up a classic car then takes another comedian to enjoy a drive filled with a great chat and plenty of laughs. The show gathered quite a lot of fans, as Seinfeld even managed to take former president Barrack Obama for a spin around the White House lawn.


Classic & Sports Car @CandSCmagazine

Classic Sports Car Twitter

Founded in 1982, Classic & Sports Car is Britain’s best-selling classic car magazine. The magazine drops bits of upcoming material from their new editions, as well as exclusive photos from testing. Classic & Sports Car also covers the best classic car shows around the world, including the skilled technicians working to restore and maintain these works of art.


The Smoking Tire @TheSmokingTire

Matt Farah The Smoking Tire Twitter

Known mostly for getting inside interesting performance cars, taking them to the curvy canyon roads outside Los Angeles, and driving them like hell to see what they’ll do, Matt “I Park Cars” Farah has gathered a considerable 76k followers army. On his account, he tweets about the latest additions to the supercar world, occasionally bashing Tesla as well as sometimes dropping cool pics of cars he drove during testing. The Smoking Tire podcasts also gets update on the official Twitter account.


Edmunds @edmunds

Edmunds Twitter

Based in Santa Monica, California, Edmunds is regarded as one of the worldwide authorities for unbiased analysis on new cars. Edmunds has been in the business of testing and providing advice on cars for over half a century, so they know their stuff. Their Twitter account brings the best bits out of the large number of articles published every day on Edmunds.com, including new car reviews and extensive analysis after 1-year or 2-year of testing a certain model – a feature not often seen on other car websites.


Jalopnik @Jalopnik

Jalopnik Twitter

Jalopnik was founded by Nick Denton in 2003 and grew to become one of the main opinion and news website in the automotive world. This Twitter account provides insightful, relatable and entertaining content on cars, motorcycles and generally anything going on in the transportation industry. At around 330k followers, Jalopnik has a large community to interact with.


Motor Trend @MotorTrend

Motor Trend Twitter

Another veteran of the industry, the Motor Trend magazine has been publishing car articles since 1949. Motor Trend was also the pioneer of the Car of the Year award in the same year. Considered in its entirety, Motor Trend Group is the largest automotive media company in the world. As such, it is able to cover the majority of automotive topics in-depth, being also considered a leading brand in automotive reporting.

Motor Trend’s Twitter account goes to push the best bits out of the Motor Trend platforms, including video snippets from PPV shows and recently released articles.


Formula 1 @F1

F1 Formula One Twitter

Featuring over 8M followers, Formula 1 is the official channel for information regarding the pinnacle of motorsport. Besides providing official updates on the F1 season, team standings and race results, @F1 brings to viewers exclusive footage not seen during the race: from the helmet cam, nose cam and rear of the F1 single seaters.

Occasionally, the channel throws snippets of classic videos featuring F1’s legends: Senna, Schumacher, Prost, and others, during moments that cemented them into the history of motorsport.



Fia World Endurance Championship Twitter

The official account for FIA World Endurance Championship, this Twitter account brings the latest news in the endurance motorsport championships to its 400k loyal fanbase. With regulations being heavily shaken up for 2022 and many teams joining the Endurance Championship, there is plenty to watch. In terms of motorsport night shots, there is little out there to compare with the photo quality provided by FIA.


CarThrottle @CarThrottle

Car Throttle Twitter

When you want banter and an increasingly enthusiast motorhead community, there’s no better place to be in than CarThrottle. With a fast-growing userbase since its launch, CarThrottle provides news on recent car launches, but is more focused on the social car enthusiast. The CarThrottle Twitter account constantly shares automotive news, while throwing in bits from testing cheap cars, tunning of old models and ripping the track with questionable “sportscars” under $2000.


TopGear @BBC_TopGear

Top Gear Uk Twitter

TopGear represents the best British car-themed television production in recent memory, and perhaps the best in the world. Although the original trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May have departed the show, BBC managed to continue providing quality content with a distinctive writing style that engages the reader and doesn’t let them look away.


Motor1 @Motor1com

Motor1 Twitter

Motor1 is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and inclusive sources of automotive reviews and testing in the world. The publication targets both used car buyers and car enthusiasts alike, covering commercial cars, classics, supercars, motorcycles and international auto shows.

The 2022 global platform of Motor1 reached an incredible 4.3 billion sets of eyes. Motor1’s Twitter account provides professionally-shot pictures of newly-released cars, as well as masterfully crafted videos on new and old models alike. Motor1 is also one of the main sources for spy shots of upcoming models.


ChrisFix @ChrisFixed

Chris Fix Twitter

The guy who taught the internet how to fix their cars at home, for a fraction of the price charged in auto shops. There is no better way to describe ChrisFix than that. With a YouTube channel of nearly 10 million subscribers strong, ChrisFix’s Twitter brings out the sweetest snippets of the work he is doing on various used cars.


Car and Driver @CARandDRIVER

Car And Driver Twitter

One of the oldest publications in the business, Car and Driver is a leader when it comes to objective car testing. The publication created a brand that is now well-respected for providing unbiased reviews for nearly every new car hitting the market, as well as occasionally taking on a classic for analysis.

Car and Driver’s Twitter channel provides updates on the hottest topics covered by the publication, with content created specifically for Twitter.

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