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Top 10 Cars for Single Guys to Attract Women

Sexy Car Girls

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the unfortunate truth for guys is that most women are attracted to men with money (whether they consciously recognize it or not). This has been scientifically proven numerous times such as recently on the “Science of Sex Appeal” that aired on the Discovery Channel. In one section of this televised experiment the female’s rated cars on a scale. Not surprisingly, the women rated upscale expensive cars much higher than the other low dollar cars shown to them. Since women evidently favor expensive cars, what should single guys opt to drive who can’t afford that ultra expensive luxury or sports car? We have developed a list of the top 10 cars for single guys to attract women. Unlike other top ten lists out there that include Lamborghinis and Bentleys; our list is limited to new cars retailing for under $45,000 bucks. These are cars that ought to be within reach for the average guy, and if not now, could be picked up used in a couple years. Although all women have unique tastes, many seem to like cars that make a statement such as powerful truck, sleek sports cars or even a new electric hybrid for the environmentally sensitive girls out there. Make sure to cast your vote below on which you think is the best car to attract girls with.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Been attracting women since the 70’s CJ5 – If you’re optimistic then get the ‘Unlimited’ version to pack in more ladies
From $30,595

Mustang GT Premium Convertible
You cant go wrong with an American icon
From $39,750

Chevy Volt
Appeals to environmental chicks
From $39,145

Dodge Challenger SRT8 392
Mean looking modern muscle car
From $44,775

Ford F-150 King Ranch
Perfect blend of power, utility and luxury
From $39,205

Mercedes-Benz C350 Coupe
Not the best Benz, but looks expensive
From $43,200

Nissan 370Z Coupe with Sport Package
Japan’s finest option under $40k and a real attention getter
From $36,150

Range Rover Evoque
Perhaps the most striking SUV on the market
From $42,040

Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Convertible
Classic, Powerful & Fun
From $41,685

Audi A5 Convertible
A high-quality German drop-top that is oozing with sexy style
From $43,350

*Prices reflect 2013 models.

Babe Magnet Cars:

Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women
Cars to Attract Women

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  • Luca Orlandi

    I would say a Muscle car, but most of them have cheap interior and not so confortable for ladies, so a good option would be a Mercedes, not an Audi because the design of lines design are too curvy for a man car! Doesn’t make any sense a Ford F or SUV!

    • VL123

      Clearly you’ve never sat in a Dodge Challenger.

  • Luca Orlandi

    But I would agree with some model of Lexus, a Maserati Ghibli or Jaguar F (as well as other models of those brands), Mercedes SL, CLA, E, etc.. Porsche almost all models except 911 (too sporty), BMW 6, but N°1 it is obviously FERRARI, like the California!

  • melodyvaldez

    It’s not really a “hot” car in the U.S. It’s mostly seen as pretentious and stuffy by girls. Indian guys love it though.

  • Mr lamborghini

    All cars listed sucks and are overrated too many on the roads here at Sydney , the minimum attraction will be there on the list is the merc c350 and and new mustang which is affordable and hot. No doubt any of these cars will get the girl as its still a decent piece of ride if you got the confidence. My opinion any exotic car over 100k will get the smoking hot girl but the guy will still have to make the first move either way.

  • SFBay69 .


    • VL123

      You’re probably single then alright..

      • SFBay69 .

        Nope, but dodge cars are junk. Cheap and shitty

        • “D”

          Not all are junk. Maybe the Magnum and the Avenger are definitely trash, but the Challenger is not cheap nor shitty.

  • Karim Nasser

    I own a Prius, what can I get for that?

  • The Motornista

    Ok, this is a dude’s take on what girls like. hmmm. Really? How about real girls who know about cars, drive their own cars, and even know how to change their oil? Ask them what they find attractive. It’s really NOT the car at all, but who is in the driver’s seat. In this millennium, women drivers account for 80% of car buying! Maybe the article should be “Top 10 Cars for Single Girls to Attract Guys”!

    • Onisan Rogue

      That funny but true about some girl out there that change oil and it hard to find a real girl that get’s down and dirty.

    • John Cooper

      Though I agree to a point, I never in my life had more female “companionship” than I had in my modded C-5 corvette. Talk about flies to honey! Good times.

    • Sportbike Mike

      I asked my girlfriend. She knew all the cars and liked all the cars, including the Volt. She had no interest in the trucks though.

  • James Reacher

    My personal suggestion before buying any of the “seduce her” products is to review them thoroughly; has some really good reviews with the pros and cons of particular product.

  • Mustang GT is the best for girls!

  • Onisan Rogue

    Muscle car is the way to go and girls love it!! 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 or Hellcat a real man machine. Because girls want a guy with Balls and Smarts. Not little boys that play with toy cars from mommy and daddy brought them. If your girlfriend leave you, you know why…Hey listen to a song call Uptown Girl. PEACE!!

  • John Cooper

    Women like dodge? must be men voting because that’s BS.
    Woman like cute cars or cars that say MONEY! The volt and mercedes are the only two that fit the bill.

  • A real man does not need to buy an expensive car to attract girls. All he needs is a good personality and self confidence. If you don’t know how to attract women, then learn. It will be much cheaper than the cars and will help you a lot over your lifetime.


      Sure keep telling yourself that. Many individuals with awesome personalities have copious amounts of “Friends”. Who cares that they are so secure with their lives that their preferred method of transport is rollerblading and Carpooling?

  • AladdinSane

    If you need these types of machines to attract women then you must be quite a loser to begin with…Peace…♐

  • Bill

    The BMW is a drug dealer’s car. A guy who drives one told me so. That’s why I collect Jaguars, which also look better!

  • Deepak Eapen

    Whether these rides are chick magnets or not is a topic that’s debatable. But my choice would definitely be an iconic American roadster like the Camaro or Mustang provided they are not turbulent and noisy as my roadster was. To ward off the wind buffeting I had to finally mount an additional wind deflector. But I believe it was well worth the investment. The Backblade windscreen is allowing me to relish al fresco cruises even at highway speeds.

  • Harry_Wild

    A brand new car! Check cds always ask if it rand new and then if you say no, they will follow up by asking then year. So even know how to read the VIN to confirm the year!

  • John Cicero

    Gentlemen, the issue is not if you need a particular car to attract women. You don’t Need a certain car but from personal experience I can say with authority that it is amazing how many “friends” you will meet driving a Corvette (I have owned three). Car is simply a magnet! It then goes without saying that, after that initial encounter, things will progress in a direct proportion to your qualities, not the cars.

  • Mick

    Stupid. I drive a 2002 RSX Type-S turbo that is black on nice chrome rims and it attracts the babes. Besides, girls think I’m cute anyway and I got my car for me because I like it.

  • NotaRagingRepublican

    I own a 1997 BMW Z3 2.8 roadster. Its silver with a red leather interior and a total chick magnet, and during the summer I can hardly go to the grocery store or get gas without some gal commenting on how they love my car.

  • BillyHW

    The Chevy Volt will attract chicks with dicks, if that’s your thing.

  • coldslim

    If you spend your money on a car because you think a woman will like it, then you are a fool and a loser. Just think! Why do women date men that ride the bus!

    • Mohammed Maaz

      that is true love and love through materialistic attraction is just for hangouts and other stuffs i think you know what i mean

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