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Dodge Demon Review – Drag Times from Hell

If there has ever been a car hyped to the absolute limit, it’s definitely the Demon. After all, Dodge took the already insane Challenger Hellcat and pumped in even more power. The end result: a quarter mile time that makes National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) go bonkers. Dodge even likes to brag about how the Demon is so good it’s banned. Debunking the myth 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is ...
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Premium Vs Regular Gas – Which is best for your car?

Have you ever borrowed a friend’s car only to find out there’s no gas in it, and it only runs on premium? Many turbocharged cars and some naturally aspirated performance cars require only the good stuff, but what about using premium in your car even if the manufacturer doesn’t require it — are there any gains to be had? Could the better fuel result in increased mpg? The answer is ...
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The Grooviest Cars of the 1970s

List of Groovy, Righteous & Far Out Cars that defined the 1970s. The 1970s seemed like a bad time for the automotive landscape, what with rising fuel and insurance costs, plummeting engine power, and some seriously questionable styling. Still, the ‘70s laid the groundwork for what would happen in the coming years. The first Cannonball Run took place in 1972, and Japan invaded with ...
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Great Cars That Deserve A Comeback

There’s a lot of cars that become legendary in their own time, and then fade from prominence, remembered only by their enthusiasts. Some are too great to forget, and get a second chance at production, like the Acura NSX and Ford GT. For every great car that makes a comeback, there are a dozen worthy rides that will never again see the factory. Here’s our picks for the greatest cars that ...
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Most Quintessential Cars of the 1960s

The phrase “bat shit crazy” comes up a lot these days, whether talking politics, business, or celebrity scandals. It also applies to cars of a certain age. The space race seems to have driven everyone mad in the 1960s, and car designers, and the car buying public, bought up lots of weird and wonderful rides. Here are the most iconic quintessential cars of the 1960s. Ford Mustang Probably ...
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Best Car Apps for Smartphones

Smart phones can offer so much more than just Facebook and Twitter. Especially while driving, you should put that tech to use, making your drive a better, more efficient, safer experience. Of course we don’t want you playing Minecraft or Pokémon GO while driving, so keep your eyes on the road, and use these car apps in the background, while you focus on driving. Here’s our list of the best ...
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Worlds Most Iconic Turbo Cars

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson once humorously said about turbochargers: “exhaust gasses go into the turbocharger and spin it, witchcraft happens, and you go faster.” He’s not exactly wrong, and the mystique of the turbo is felt worldwide. From factory turbo cars, to aftermarket performance upgrades, it seems most gearheads want a turbocharged car. If you’re in the market, here’s our picks for ...
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Pros & Cons of Autonomous Cars

Like it or not, autonomous cars are the future of the new car scene. Enthusiasts might cringe at the thought of “driving” these vehicles, but the sad truth is that most car buyers aren’t enthusiasts. The same reason the Toyota Camry and Nissan Rogue sell in large numbers, is the same reason driverless cars are coming to market and will sell well: most people don’t want to drive. Like when ...
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33 of the Most Underrated, Overlooked & Underappreciated Muscle Cars

Almost everyone loves a Chevelle SS, Shelby Mustang, or MOPAR equipped with a HEMI. Traditional muscle cars involved big engines stuffed into a mid-size car with good looks, and while those famous cars are great, there were quite a few other muscle cars built in that era (or after) that offered similar performance. Since these underrated muscle cars aren’t as popular, there is less demand and ...
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Depreciated Dream Cars That Are Now Affordable

“Dream cars” earn their title by being way out of reach for the average car enthusiast. Sometimes it’s due to ultra-low production numbers, but usually the exclusivity comes from six or even seven-figure MSRPs. Not a lot of us are willing to drop more than the price of an average American home on a car. However, depreciation is a wonderful thing for car buyers, even if it hurts the first ...
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Solar Powered Roads: The Future, or Just Hype?

Solar Roadways in Sandpoint, Idaho, received a ton of attention in 2014 when their Indiegogo fundraising campaign went viral. A slick video described the green company’s idea for replacing our low tech and boring roads, with their solar powered and LED lit roadways, looking like the streets of the future. There’s a lot of benefits to solar paneled streets, but will they work? Let’s take a ...
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US Auto Museums You Need to Visit

If car shows just aren’t getting it done for you anymore, you need to step up your car culture. Museums offer the chance to get up close to a super rare, incredibly expensive, or historically significant machine that you would never find at your local car show. This summer, make a trip to one of these great automotive museums. Muscle Car City - Punta Gorda, FL Muscle City is 100,000 ...
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50 Terrible Car Names

Some cars have names that fit like a glove. Take the Dodge Viper. A car that even aesthetically resembles a crotaline snake (pit viper). If you don’t respect the Vipers’ horsepower then it will bite you (by means of spinning out and wrapping it around your neighbor’s tree).  Other times cars are named poorly.  Now a great car can stand on its own, above the fray of a terrible car name. The ...
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Most Iconic Cars of the 2000’s

The first decade of the millennium isn’t all that many years back. However, the oldest cars from that decade are now several old, and the newest have had their warranties expire. This distance gives us a chance to judge these vehicles for their cultural and historical significance, and not just as potential new drivers. For better or worse, here are the iconic cars of the aughts. The decade ...
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Coolest Car Headlight Designs

Despite Disney’s Cars, headlights are the eyes of the vehicle. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then it stands to reason that a car’s headlights should tell us everything we need to know about it. There’s been quite a few changes to headlight design over the years, and we’re going to try and cover all the coolest headlight designs. Flip up BMW 8 series – The ‘80s were the pinnacle of ...
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Best Cars You Can Now Import to the U.S.

It’s too bad that manufacturers make a ton of great cars overseas, then forget to have them imported to North America. Usually this is due to the vehicle not meeting emissions standards, crash testing standards, or the top brass thinking it wouldn’t sell. If an enthusiast wanted one of these vehicles, they usually had to pay massive fees to an importing company, or take the risk themselves on ...
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