Introducing the $4.5 Million Dollar Lamborghini Veneno Hypercar

Lamborghini Veneno Hypercar

In case you have not been following the 2013 Geneva Auto show coverage, then you may be interested to learn about perhaps the most expensive, fastest and rare automobile to be revealed at the show.  Lamborghini proudly introduced its latest supercar, (well I suppose we better use the term hypercar), called the Veneno.  The car is keeping with its long tradition of being named after a famous fighting bull. Additionally, the name means “venom” in Spanish.  The company claims that this latest model is the fastest production Lamborghini ever made.  The Lamborghini Veneno will be based on the powerful V12 Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 and will be constructed with unprecedented levels of ultra-strong and lightweight carbon fiber material.  Perhaps more incredible then the Lambo Veneno’s stratospheric price tag is its level of exclusivity.  Although owing a Lamborghini is exclusive indeed with recent annual production ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 cars sold; Lamborghini will only produce 3 Veneno cars ever.  All three Lambo Veneno cars will boast a unique paint job so no two are alike.  Lamborghini officials stated that the cars would be painted the colors of the Italian flag with one car in red, another in white and the final one in green.  If after reading this article you are thinking about giving your banker a call to wire $4.5 million dollars to your neighborhood Lamborghini dealer; then think again because unfortunately all of the Lamborghini Veneno hypercars have already been sold at full price.  Evidently Lamborghini planned the release of this amazing car when it did in an attempt to blemish the unveiling of arch rival Ferrari’s latest hypercar called the F70 which is essentially a rebirth of the celebrated Ferrari Enzo.  Post a comment below and say what you think of the new Lamborghini.

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