Ferrari 458 Italia Experience at Exotics Racing Vegas

Drive A Ferrari

My favorite exotic car that I drove at the Las Vegas Exotics Racing Experience was the Ferrari 458 Italia.  For approximately $220,000 this car seems like a relative bargain with its aggressive “in your face” appearance, intoxicating exhaust note, superb handling, blazingly quick acceleration, incredible cornering abilities and precise, responsive steering inputs.  Plus its pretty cool to look behind you and see the 562 horsepower Italian masterpiece of an engine within clear view to remind you that you’re not in an ordinary car by any means.  The interior was also my favorite compared to the Porsche 997 Turbo S and Lamborghini Gallardo LP550.  The Ferrari was well appointed with plenty of rich camel leather and accented with aluminum and carbon fiber for additional eye candy.  Really no complaints with this car.  It performs amazing, looks great inside and out and sounds so good that it entices you to push the accelerator simply to hear the beautiful engine melody.  The only negative about my experience with the 458 Ferrari at Exotics Racing was that I only ordered a 5 lap experience…next time I will certainly do a longer track experience.  Check out their other late model Ferrari’s to Rent.  Exotics Racing Ferrari Selection


Ferrari 458 Pictures:

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