Blacktop Nationals Car Show – Wichita KS

Blacktop Nationals

Perhaps the fastest growing Midwest car show event is the BlackTop Nationals which is held annually in downtown Wichita, Kansas.  This year we attended the 4th annual BlackTop Nationals on one of the three days that it is held.  Impressively, the estimated attendance surpassed 100,000 enthusiasts, which is believable considering it was a challenge to photograph any car without people walking in front of it.

The BlackTop Nationals saw a wide variety of show cars ranging from work-in-progress rusty rat rods, to vintage motorcycles to high end exotic cars.  Our favorites had to be the American muscle cars such as late 60s Camaros and early 70s Boss and Mach 1 Mustangs. The car show had something for everything both inside Century II Convention Center and outside on the street.

Supplementing the massive car show were a few attractions.  First a Ford Ride & Drive experience was popular with attendees who could either drive a new Ford vehicle model or enjoy an exhilarating , tire shredding ride-a-long in one of two GT500 Mustangs (see our video below).  Another event beyond the car show was the autocross course setup across the Arkansas River at the Lawrence-Dumont baseball stadium parking lot.  On this course drivers could drive their own cars to their limits within the orange cone defined autocross course.  Of course there were plenty of car show vendors ranging from Roush Performance to hot dog stands.  All in all this year’s fourth BlackTop Nationals seemed to be quite a success.  Look for the 5th Black Top Nationals car show to take place at the end of August 2014.

Blacktop Nationals Car Show Pictures:


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