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Xtreme Xperience

Do you have a favorite supercar you would love to drive? Even if you are nowhere close to wealthy, you can afford to drive exotic bucket list rides at high speed on a racetrack.

If you are new to 0to60Times, you probably already know we love fast cars. If you are a longtime reader, you might remember our last adventure with Xtreme Xperience. Racing in the rain makes for dramatic viewing, but not so great driving when you don’t want to hurt someone else’s six figure supercar. Recently, we met up again with Xtreme Xperience at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, this time in much better weather, for another chance to hotlap their amazing cars.

Xtreme Xperience is a professional instruction and driving company that tours the country much like your favorite bands. XX brings their exotics, instructors and support equipment and personnel to racetracks around the United States. Once setup, participants can pay for rides with a pro, or even drive their favorite cars at blistering speeds around the track.

The day starts with check in, and signing waivers. Don’t worry; while it is a bunch of legalese, these guys are pros and will keep you safe in spite of yourself. Next was the driver’s meeting. Bradley Pines, Chief Instructor/Corporate Partnerships Manager at Xtreme Xperience introduced himself, the company, and the track to us. His humorous and entertaining brief quickly covered safety and best practices, and also how to not screw up and just have a good time on track. Pines also showed us a video of wat Hallett looks like from the driver’s seat, and then passed out track maps for us to look over.

Then it’s time to hit the pits. There’s a driver’s area setup nearby, where pros fit a helmet to you as if it were custom made. You can see the exotics as you are waiting, and seeing them at a car show is one thing, but the excitement was tangible with the drivers, knowing we would be driving them.

XX’s lineup was on display here. The company changes it up to make repeat visits more interesting, but the current fleet is: Chevy Corvette Z06, Ferrari 458 Italia, & F430, Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 & LP560-4, McLaren 570S, Nissan GT-R Premium, and several flavors of Porsche 911 GT3. It’s an impressive lineup, especially viewed together as they are prepped for the track.

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After a quick pre-flight check by the XX techs, we met our driving instructors and headed to the cars. We lucked out and our pro sitting in the passenger seat was Cal DeNyse, Lead Instructor at Xtreme Xperience. DeNyse may be young, but he had nearly two decades of racing experience, and a calm, patient demeanor that puts newbs at ease.

Once all the drivers are strapped in, we lined up on the pit exit ramp. The lead car is a Mitsubishi Evo X driven by a pro, and our goal is to follow their line as fast as possible, while maintaining a safe distance from the car in front. It’s a lot to manage for a beginner, but the instructors have done it literally thousands of times, and will show you the right way.

Once cleared, we hammered the throttle, g-forces smashing us into the seats, ears filled with an incredible mechanized symphony. DeNyse offered (shouted over redline) instruction every step of the way, pointing out the best lines, where to brake and where to accelerate, and what was over the next hill or blind corner.

The cars are simply badass and loaded with so much driver assistance that they make any idiot (like this one) feel like a racing legend. However, the instruction was surprisingly good, with it clicking into place after just a lap. You will be able to see the fastest route through that corner, and understand exactly the ridiculous limits the car is capable of achieving. It feels ridiculously fast, but also in control and safe.

After three very quick laps, we head back to the pits. Drivers stop in the pit area for pics, cheesy grins on every single one. Then it’s time for the next driver. The whole operation is very quick, with little down time for the supercars between drivers.

The experience isn’t over yet, if you aren’t done. Other supercars can be rented for a discount after your first car, and you can also ride with a pro in the Evo. Merch fills the check-in area, with some pretty cool designs on the t-shirts, and surprisingly, affordable prices. Lunch is also available, with a great view of the long straights.

Xtreme Xperience delivers one of the most adrenaline filled experiences that nearly every car guy would love for not a whole lot of cash. The cars are true supercars, and look and perform every bit as amazing as you imagine. The crew are true professionals, with every driver getting personalized attention and exactly what they need for the best time on track. Xtreme Xperience promises to deliver real supercars, on real racetracks, with real instruction, and they totally deliver.

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