Fake Car Crash Wake-up Pranks

Car Wake Up Prank

As practical jokes go, few are as easy to implement or effective at getting a good laugh than a good old fashioned fake car accident prank. As someone who has does this a time or two I can say that it’s a pretty funny car prank and a great thing to spice up that long boring road trip! The following two videos take the fairly popular fake car accident wake-up prank to the next level by cleverly waiting to do the car practical joke until they are closing following a vehicle in tow. Obviously this way it gives the appearance to the passenger that just frantically woke up and looks forward that they are going to have a head-on car crash. Is the joke a little cruel? Perhaps for a second or two, but it’s a guaranteed laugh. Post a comment below and let us know what you think. Have you done this sleeping car passenger prank before?


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