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The 30 Most Annoying Driving Habits

The down side to a cheap and easy driver’s exam is that many people pass when they should not. When a license is $20 and an easy multiple choice test, no one takes it seriously, and it only gets worse as the years go by. While there are many terrible drivers on American roads, these are the most common annoying driving habits. No turn signal Every vehicle on the road, yes, even BMWs, come equipped ...
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25 Funny Car Print Ads

Every day we are practically bombarded with advertisements onTV, radio, newspaper, billboards, magazines, online, in the mail and so on. In an effort to get our attention and cut through the clutter, some advertisers resort to humor tactics.  Although this is especially prevalent with auto insurance and alcoholic beverage companies, automotive manufactures have also been known to come up with some ...
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Hilarious Anchorman Ron Burgundy Dodge Durango Ads

The Legend of Ron Burgundy Rides Again….in the 2014 Dodge Durango He’s Ron Burgundy. Legend, folk hero, Jazz flautist and probably the greatest person to come from the great German-founded city of San Diego…and also perhaps the single greatest person in the WORLD. He can converse with dogs and Pandas give birth to honor his mere presence. He’s “kind of a big deal,” folks. Just ask the special lady ...
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Humorous Headless Drive Thru Car Prank

There are a number of car pranks which are hilarious executed on Youtube. One of the most creative and humorous car pranks that we have seen though is the ‘Drive Thru Headless Person Prank’ from ‘MagicofRahat’ Youtube Channel.  This Channel also produces a few other car related prank bits such as the driverless car prank seen in another one of our posts.  The captions in this video are mildly annoying, ...
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25 Ugliest American Cars Ever

Don’t get the wrong idea here.  We are huge American car fans and still drool over ZR1 Corvettes, GTS Vipers, classic 302 Boss Mustangs, etc, unfortunately every now and then U.S. car designers get their designs horribly wrong.  These ugly cars may be completely mechanically sound, reliable, fast, luxurious and packed with all sorts of other great qualities, but still revoltingly ugly ...
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Funny Fake Accident Prank

This fake accident prank is one of the funnier car related practical jokes that we have seen.  As we watch prank videos we always wonder if the prank is staged, but this one seems like a genuine reaction which makes it that much more funny.  Watch the fake car wreck joke video below and post a comment and let us know what you think.
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Funny Driverless Car Prank

If you have ever wondered how fast food restaurant employees would respond to a driverless car, then watch the funny clip below and wonder no more.  The car basically seems to be driven by a ghost.  Perhaps it's not the best prank ever...but it's pretty funny.  Tell us what you think about the driverless car prank and post a comment below!
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Fake Car Crash Wake-up Pranks

As practical jokes go, few are as easy to implement or effective at getting a good laugh than a good old fashioned fake car accident prank. As someone who has does this a time or two I can say that it’s a pretty funny car prank and a great thing to spice up that long boring road trip! The following two videos take the fairly popular fake car accident wake-up prank to the next level by cleverly waiting ...
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