25 Ugliest American Cars Ever

Ugliest Car Made

Don’t get the wrong idea here.  We are huge American car fans and still drool over ZR1 Corvettes, GTS Vipers, classic 302 Boss Mustangs, etc, unfortunately every now and then U.S. car designers get their designs horribly wrong.  These ugly cars may be completely mechanically sound, reliable, fast, luxurious and packed with all sorts of other great qualities, but still revoltingly ugly cars.

Designing cars can be an exceptionally difficult process since there are thousands of considerations that go into a car model’s design.  It seems that car companies launch ugly cars the most when they start with a clean slate of paper (so to speak) and try to create a totally fresh and new car. Without the ability to do mass test marketing prior to launch (aside from concept cars); automakers risk missing the mark with their designs and standing to lose millions and sometimes billions of dollars.  Even though a some cars are unattractive, it doesn’t guarantee that they will be a commercial flop.  The Chrysler PT Cruiser was actually a relatively big success for Chrysler Corp, even though we think it is quite an ugly automobile.  Others cars such as the Edsel, were basically universally accepted as ugly (mainly due to the awkward front grill design) and lead to that Ford subsidiary’s demise.

Few cars execute their exterior design exactly right.  Either the car has the use of too much plastic (first gen Chevy Avalanche), too large of a gap between the tire and upper wheel well, awkward light placements and so on.  As long as American cars are rolling off the assembly lines, then there will continue to be colossal failures in car design.  There is a fan out there for every model of car, no matter how incredibly ugly the majority of us think it is, so we don’t expect readers to unanimously agree with our ugly American car list.

Check out our list of the 25 ugliest cars that have originated from America below.  Make sure to click the Like button and post a comment below to speak your mind on what you think of this list and perhaps other ugly cars that you think should have made it.

List of the Ugliest Cars Ever from the US:

  1. AMC Eagle Wagon (1979-88)
  2. Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible (2005-2010)
  3. Pontiac Aztek (2001-05)
  4. Mercury Zephyr (1978-83)
  5. AMC Gremlin (1970-78)
  6. Pontiac Trans Sport (1990-99)
  7. Oldsmobile Calais (1985-86)
  8. AMC Pacer (1975-80)
  9. Dodge Rampage (1982-84)
  10. Ford Mustang II (1974-78)
  11. Cadillac Cimarron (1982-88)
  12. Buick Skylark (1990-98)
  13. AMC Matador (1971-78)
  14. Ford Thunderbird (1980-82)
  15. Lincoln Versailles (1977-80)
  16. Edsel Corsair (1958-60)
  17. Dodge Dart (1961)
  18. Packard Hawk (1958)
  19. Plymouth Valiant (1960-66)
  20. Mercury Sable (1986-91)
  21. Chevrolet Avalanche (2001-06)
  22. Ford Ranchero (1977-79)
  23. Ford Pinto (1971-80)
  24. Lincoln MKT (2010-14)
  25. Ford Taurus Sedan (1996-97)


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