What Will Future Cars Be Like?

Futuristic Concept Cars

You don’t have to be an avid car enthusiast to contemplate what will future cars be like.  The idea of the autonomous vehicle has all sorts of exciting possibilities for future cars, roads and how we will get from point A to B in the coming years.  The informational graphic provided below shows some of the expected key advantages to cars of the future including being much safer, requiring less police efforts, being more fuel efficient, more convenient, reducing or even completely eliminating traffic congestion and so on.  At this point in time the autonomous car, (cars that drive themselves via computers and sensors galore), are expected to be the single largest leap forward in the future evolution of the automobile.  As the graphic depicts, if self driving cars ever make it to production then we may see them built absent of some previously standard components such as steering wheels, pedals (gas, brake, clutch), mirrors and other items that would no longer be necessary for travel.  Another element that future cars are likely to boast is a radical reduction in weight.   Car makers have been steadily able to put their cars on diets and finding innovative ways to shed hundreds of pounds, such as the use of new lightweight composite materials.  This weight loss results a number of benefits such as improved 0-60 and quarter mile times, better fuel economy and sharper handling capabilities.  Make sure to comment below and say what you think or share with your friends.

Find Out What Future Cars May Be Like:

what will future cars be like

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