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New Technology

Fascinating Future of Self-Driving Cars

Picture this: after having an amazing time at the local bar with your friends, you decide you had enough drinks for the night. You take care of the bill and leave a generous tip, then head outside for the car. You get into the back seat and say “Okay Tesla, take me home”. Then, the car starts and heads towards your predefined address. No drunk driving, little to no chance to cause an accident and ...
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Pros & Cons of Autonomous Cars

Like it or not, autonomous cars are the future of the new car scene. Enthusiasts might cringe at the thought of “driving” these vehicles, but the sad truth is that most car buyers aren’t enthusiasts. The same reason the Toyota Camry and Nissan Rogue sell in large numbers, is the same reason driverless cars are coming to market and will sell well: most people don’t want to drive. Like when EFI ...
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Solar Powered Roads: The Future, or Just Hype?

Solar Roadways in Sandpoint, Idaho, received a ton of attention in 2014 when their Indiegogo fundraising campaign went viral. A slick video described the green company’s idea for replacing our low tech and boring roads, with their solar powered and LED lit roadways, looking like the streets of the future. There’s a lot of benefits to solar paneled streets, but will they work? Let’s take a look. Solar ...
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Cool New Technology Repels Dirt on Cars

New Nissan Technology Repels Dirt and Adds to Roster of Innovation Nissan has announced testing on a trade-marked nano-paint coating that could make car washing obsolete. “Ultra-Ever Dry” is a water and oil resistant material that gets sprayed over the usual paintwork of a car. This works in the same way as water off a duck’s back (no idiom intended), with liquid and grime sliding off the paint ...
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Bitcoins: Risks, Rewards and Luxury Car Purchases

Bitcoins: Risks, Rewards and Luxury Car Purchases In December, it was reported that Orange County Lamborghini dealership had sold its first ever Tesla Model S Performance using bitcoins. The press was full of celebratory headlines about the ascent of this digital currency and Lamborghini had a field day with the free PR. Soon, many companies scrambled onto the bandwagon and at the start of the ...
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What Will Future Cars Be Like?

You don’t have to be an avid car enthusiast to contemplate what will future cars be like.  The idea of the autonomous vehicle has all sorts of exciting possibilities for future cars, roads and how we will get from point A to B in the coming years.  The informational graphic provided below shows some of the expected key advantages to cars of the future including being much safer, requiring less police ...
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High-Tech Roads of the Future

The future of the automotive industry is bright.  New car technologies are pioneered each year that introduce thrilling new possibilities in automotive design and utility. One element of automotive progression that is often overlooked is the development of innovative future road technologies that aim to make our driving experience a little safer and convenient. It’s fun to think about how twenty years ...
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Fascinating Driveless Car from Google

Certainly not all modern automotive technological advances, such as the inflatable seatbelt, are as exciting as the potentially revolutionary driverless car that has been spearheaded by Google, Inc. Google has stated that they have no desire to be a car manufacturer, but rather wish to develop the technology (hardware and software algorithms) to make driverless vehicles a reality in the future. If ...
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