Fascinating Driveless Car from Google

Google Autonomous Cars

Certainly not all modern automotive technological advances, such as the inflatable seatbelt, are as exciting as the potentially revolutionary driverless car that has been spearheaded by Google, Inc. Google has stated that they have no desire to be a car manufacturer, but rather wish to develop the technology (hardware and software algorithms) to make driverless vehicles a reality in the future. If Google ultimately perfects its autonomous car concept and the government gives it the green light then you could actually be seeing this technology at work on a road near you someday. We hope that this is sooner than later since a well implemented driverless car could save perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives each year considering that the vast majority of car accidents are deemed to be caused by human error. This issue of human error seems to be progressively worsening with the emergence of additional distractive technology that exists in late-model cars or we bring into them such as phone calls, texting, emails, games, movies, music, etc. We imagine that it will take the general public a considerable amount of time getting used to a car that is driven by a robotic machine. Although the potential implementation of driver less cars is extremely exciting to think about; hopefully the government will not mandate the use of driverless car technology so that people like us who love to engage themselves in the act of driving can continue to do so whenever they wish to. We hope you enjoy the videos and informational graphics below about the Google autonomous automobile.

Driverless Cars Infographic 1:

Future Driverless Cars From Google


Driverless Cars Infographic 2:

The Google Driverless Car

How comfortable would you feel riding in a fully autonomous car? (1 = super nervous)

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