London Exotic Car Sightings on Google Maps Street View

London Exotic Cars

If you are car guy passionate about expensive rare cars and have some time to kill, then going on an exotic car hunt on Google Maps Street View can be a fun way to spend your time.  Beyond taking a virtual field trip perhaps to destinations that you have, or never will go, embarking on a Google Maps exotic car hunt can be a great place to stumble on something else of interest. Many things have been observed in Google Street View such as drug deals in process, car wrecks, fist fights, active movie sets, celebrities and so on.  If you’re looking for exotic cars on Google Maps Street View in London, England sounds relatively boring, then simply try searching for some of these other things that may be of more interest to you. Usually the first thing that newbies to Google Maps (formerly Google Earth) do is try to find themselves or their car parked outside either at their place of employment or at home.  Regardless, we encourage you to take your own journey to discover interesting things using this amazing tool.  For car guys we would recommend first searching for even more exotic cars in London than the ones we found, or select another area of the world that you think are good places to spot exotic cars.  We hope that you enjoy checking out the very expensive exotic cars that we discovered in London England with Google Maps StreetView.



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