Google Street View Exotic Car Sightings IV

Streetview Exotic Cars

Due to popular demand, we created a fourth installment in our Google Maps Street View Exotic Car Sightings series.  During this series we have traveled the world (well via Google Maps Street View) with the sole mission of finding some of the rarest and most expensive cars that have been photographed by the Google Maps car.  For tips on how to spot exotic cars on Google Earth / Maps, then please check out our previous posts in this exotic car hunt series. Unlike some of the other posts in this series, for the fourth Google Maps Street View Exotic Car Sightings we jumped around to various locations such as California, Florida, New York, Texas and even abroad in Paris, London and Berlin. If you like this Google Maps exotic car spotting post then we encourage you to click the LIKE, Plus One button, post a comment below or share with friends.

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