Performance Car Parts Best Seller List

Performance Car Parts

Are You Looking to Increase Your Car’s Performance?

If so, then you may want to check out this best-selling car parts list which is comprised of some of the most in-demand performance car parts on the market today. This best selling performance parts list uses data gathered from, which has surprisingly, (well to us anyway), become one of the largest automotive parts dealers in the world.  If you have a relatively high budget for performance car parts then a turbocharger, supercharger or even a Nitrous kit could be good options, however if you tend to be a more budget-conscious, then you may want to opt for performance air filters or mufflers to improve your vehicle’s performance including 0-60 times. We are not officially endorsing any these products provided below, but rather simply informing you guys of what car performance products are currently “hot items”.  Matter of fact, most of these products are likely to not be appropriate for your make and model, however if you click the image or text link then you can sort within Amazon to find the perfect performance car part that fits your vehicle.

Sniper 02001 Cheater Nitrous System

K&N 99-5000 Aerosol Recharger Filter Care Service Kit

Weiand 7483P 6-71 Street Supercharger Kit

Holley 0-4412S Model 2300 500 CFM 2-Barrel Manual Choke New Carburetor

Bosch (4501) FGR8DQI Platinum IR Fusion Spark Plug, Pack of 1

K&N HP-1010 Oil Filter

K&N 33-2129 High Performance Replacement Air Filter

K&N 99-0621 Air Filter Cleaner and Degreaser – 32 oz. Trigger Sprayer

K&N HP-7004 High Performance Oil Filter

DiabloSport I1000 inTune Vehicle Programmer

Flowmaster 42541 40 Series Muffler – 2.50″ Offset In / 2.50″ Center Out – Aggressive Sound

Goddspeed Universal T3t4 Turbo Charger .63ar (Polished Housing)


Magnaflow 10791 Tru – X Stainless Steel 2.5″ Exhaust Pipe

Holley 554-113 HP EFI, ECU and Harness Kit

B&M 70268 SuperCooler Automatic Transmission Cooler

Hooker 2301HKR Super Comp. Ceramic Block Hugger Header

If you wish to learn more, then all you need to do is click on the image or text links above to view the particular best-selling car performance product that you are interested in.

Which is your favorite method to gain horsepower?

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