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Classic Cruise Nights

Southern California is home to countless car enthusiasts and that means that there are a lot of car shows to attend, many of which are outdoors thanks to the beautiful weather. One of the best that I have had the honor of attending is the Cruise Night in Glendale, CA.

This year promises to be another great event with around 400 cars from before 1979 on display and some great entertainment. From cover bands to comedy acts, there is something for everyone. There were over 50,000 attendees last year and the 2012 Cruise Night, the 19th installment of this event, should prove to be just as packed.

As a big fan of finding the best deals, I love car shows for the treasures you might stumble upon when talking to dealers about the latest trends and releases. That being said, this is not the car show where you are going to find rows and rows of salesmen hocking their wares and trying to sell you their parts, but you will find a couple vendors handing out fliers and even some promotions for free or discounted services for things like detailing or air ride kits and other aftermarket parts. The main focus of this event is definitely the beautiful restored and customized cars, many of which you are going to see up for sale.

I’m not nearly rich enough to seriously consider buying any of these vehicles, but I see numbers and cards changing hands all the time and I know that more than a few cars get snatched up by collectors and major enthusiasts. I’ll take my flier telling me where to go to find the best site for purchasing air ride kits in one hand with my corn dog in the other and be content to look at and be near such beautiful cars. My bank account is safe for another year.


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