Google Maps Exotic Car Hunt

Google Maps Exotic Cars

You’re probably already familiar with Google Maps as the tool to find you’re a local business, plan your trip route or see if the see if the Google Maps car caught you walking to get the newspaper in front of your home.  What you may have not considered is that exploring Google Maps can also be a great cure for boredom. Cruise down the street in Street View mode and you may discover a drug deal, a car accident, some amazing homes, or perhaps a celebrity walking down the sidewalk in Beverly Hills.  If you’re a car guy then you’ll probably be more interested in using Google Maps to discover some of the most desirable and expensive exotic cars in the world.  The Google Maps camera caught exotic cars all over the globe, but a leveraging the Top 10 Places to Spot Exotic Cars blog post may help you find them much quicker. Find exotic cars ranging from a Bugatti Veyron to a Rolls-Royce Phantom.  Below are the exotic car sightings we had within a couple hours of exploring Google Maps. Again, where you look matters more than anything.  Happy exotic car hunting!


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