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Coffee And Cars Videos

Cars & Coffee events are now held all over the country and even abroad in places like Paris, France and Madrid, Spain.   Some U.S. locations of Cars and Coffee car shows include Irvine, CA (Los Angeles area), Scottsdale, AZ (Phoenix area), Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, Hudson Valley (NYC area) and many more.  This article showcases some incredible cars found at the Oklahoma City, OK Coffee & Cars event held in August 2013.  The OKC Coffee & Cars show is technically not affiliated with ‘Cars & Coffee’ cars shows, although it is essentially the exact same event format.  Oklahoma City may not seem like car enthusiast central, such as South Florida or Southern California, but Oklahoma is actually relatively packed with gear heads of all ages and backgrounds.  Perhaps the Oklahoma Coffee and Cars event has more Corvettes, Shelby Cobras, GT500’s and American muscle cars than the Cars & Coffee Paris or Irvine events, but it also is full of rare & expensive exotics.  Yes, Oklahoma has some very well-to-do car enthusiasts enjoying ownership of Aventador’s, Lexus LFA’s, Ferrari’s, etc, but the wonderful thing about Cars & Coffee is the common denominator of the event. The love for cars unites the spectators and exhibitors alike ranging from antique car lovers to exotic car owners and custom import enthusiasts.  Check back for more posts about Cars & Coffee cars shows and make sure to click LIKE, thumbs up the video and/or post a comment below and say what you think!


Coffee and Cars OKC Videos:

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