28 Women Stuff into a Mini Cooper to set a Guinness World Record

Mini Cooper Guinness World Record


The 8th annual World Record Day has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to attempt to break standing world records. One rather odd automotive related world record is determining the highest number of people that can fit inside of a modern Mini Cooper.  The previous record to beat was “only” 27 people, so on World Record Day a group of 28 women (all gymnasts) strategically position themselves into a Mini Cooper in East Sussex, England to set a new official Guinness World Record. Obviously the participating ladies had to be very flexible, relatively skinny and not prone to being claustrophobic or bothered by having others in their ‘personal zone’. The ladies made excellent use of the space in the Mini including squeezing four into merely the hatchback trunk space, or “boot” as the English refer to it. After this Mini Cooper occupancy record was established then they ran over to a nearby classic Austin Mini car and managed to successfully stuff 23 of them into it. This is quite a feat since the classic Mini is a considerably smaller car than the newer version. Post a comment below or click LIKE above if you enjoy!

Women in MINI Cooper Video:


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