More Exotic Cars on Google Street View Maps

Cars On Google Maps

If you’re like us and love spotting expensive exotic cars out in public then you may like exploring Google Street View.  This is our fifth installment in our Google Street View series and we encourage you to read our previous Google exotic car spotting posts to learn about various successful car spotting techniques as well as several hundred amazing exotics discovered throughout the world.  Google Street View is great resource for rare car spotting enthusiasts. Some of the most obvious advantages are: 1.) Save gas money driving to good exotic car hot spots 2.) Save time by jaunting around the world in a split second and by-passing areas that are not known for expensive exotic cars. 3.) Go ahead and be lazy and hunt for amazing exotic cars from your pajamas. Post a comment below and let others know if you have a tip as to the whereabouts of an exotic car on Google Maps (street address or nearest cross streets).

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