Introducing the Fastest Remote Control Car in the World

Traxxas XO 1 Car Review

Let’s face it, millions of guys like us dream of one day owning an insanely fast exotic supercar one day. Unfortunately, most of us will never be able to afford one…and so we must resort to fantasizing about the prospect as we flip through the latest issue of the Dupont Registry.  Some of us dream about starting a lucrative business, becoming a successful entertainer or pro athlete, becoming a Sir James Dyson level of inventor or simply striking it rich from a massive lottery jackpot.

One answer for the uncompromising with a strong desire to own an exotic sports car without the option of forking over $300,000 or more is to shrink their exotic car dream exactly 1/7th.  The Traxxas XO-1 may not being an actual passenger hauling supercar, but if you can settle for a cutting-edge remote control car instead, then you should be quite pleased. The Traxxas XO-1 is a pretty amazing engineering feat. If it were a production car it would easily be one of the top 5 quickest production cars in the world with an impressive 0-60 mph of 2.3 seconds. Beyond this, the remote control supercar blasts from 0-100 mph in merely 4.92 seconds! Traxxas claims that the XO-1 is the fastest remote control car ever offered for sale and with its astonishing fast specs, we don’t doubt it. Aside from the performance specs, perhaps one of the coolest attributes of the Traxxas XO-1 remote control car is the ability to dock your Apple device, such as an iPhone, to its remote control base. This enables you to intuitively customize and tune the car to your specifications via a colorful multi-screen display on your device.

The only negative that we can think of concerning this sweet remote car is the fact that it requires a rather high degree of skill to operate, thus alienating newbie’s like me until I increase my remote control car driving skills.  Although if I’m shelling out of a thousand bucks plus for a single remote control car, then I darn well better know how to drive it well.

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Which top-of-the-line remote controled toy would you rather have?

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