Top 10 Best Supercars of the 1970s

70s Sports Cars

Many enthusiasts argue that the birthplace of the supercar revolution all started with the Ford GT40, while others insist that the 1960’s Lamborghini Miura was the true supercar pioneer.  Either way, 60’s high-performance cars such as these bread an ever-increasing number of supercars in the 1970s until the scene exploded in the 80s.  In the 1970s we finally saw many true street legal production supercars offered to the public. In contrast, the ultra-high performance cars of the preceding decades generally were only one-of-a-kind cars, non-street legal and in many cases unreliable.  Although in the 1970s some of the fashion and home décor styles were quite odd in retrospect, the decade produced some remarkably attractive supercars which were to set the standard for future production supercars. The list below shows our picks for the top 10 best supercars of the 70s.  Although we believe that the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 was undoubtedly a supercar in its day; we included the Corvette ZR2 instead due to its added exclusivity.  Also note that even though the BMW M1 and De Tomaso Pantera were some of the best 1970s supercars and we omitted them because they are already listed on our top ten 1980s supercars list.  If you enjoy this 70s top 10 list then make sure to comment, click Like or share and cast your vote in the supercar poll below.


1971 Maserati Bora

1970s Supercars

Quick Stats:

306 horsepower
341 ft-lb of Torque
Produced from 1971-78


1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV

70s Exotic Cars

Quick Stats:

385 horsepower
295 ft-lb of Torque
Produced from 1971-73


1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

1970s Supercar

Quick Stats:

375 horsepower
Only 534 ever built
Produced from 1977-89


1972 Lancia Stratos HF

70s Supercars

Quick Stats:

188 horsepower
167 ft-lb of Torque
Produced from 1972-74


1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400

1970s Lamborghini

Quick Stats:

375 horsepower
268 ft-lb of Torque
Produced from 1974-78


1976 Ferrari Boxer 512 BB

1970s Ferrari

Quick Stats:

360 horsepower
332 ft-lb of Torque
Produced from 1976-81


1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3

1970s Exotic Cars

Quick Stats:

300 horsepower
318 ft-lb of Torque
Produced from 1975-89


1978 Lotus Esprit S1

1970s Sports Car

Quick Stats:

160 horsepower
140 ft-lb of Torque
Produced from 1977-79


1971 Chevrolet Corvette C3 ZR2

1970s Sports Cars

Quick Stats:

425 horsepower
Only 12 ZR2 Corvettes were built
Produced in 1971


1978 Porsche 928

Best 1970s Cars

Quick Stats:

219 horsepower
268 ft-lb of Torque
Produced from 1977-95


Which decade produced the best supercar?

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