Google Street View Exotic Car Sightings II

Google Maps Exotics

This is the second installment of our Street View Exotic Car Hunt on Google Maps (or Google Earth).  This post features even more exotic sports cars, rare classics and super expensive luxury cars that were all spotted cruising around from the perspective of the Google Maps car.  Even though we have been able to capture over 200 exotic cars on Google Street View; the world is a big place and there are still plenty (likely thousands) of other opportunities to spot high-end car(s) photographed by the Google Maps vehicle. We used ” Top 10 Places in America to Spot Exotic Cars  ” list to help us discover the best places in the US to spot exotic cars and then went to notoriously wealthy neighborhoods around the globe and kept our eyes peeled for high-end cars.  For us, it’s most thrilling to find an exotic car while it’s cruising down the road, but it’s still exciting to stumble upon a fancy car parked outside an upscale shop or in the driveway of a mansion. If you’re interested in trying to find exotic cars on Google Street View yourself, then we would recommend considering the following:

  • Jump over to the other side of the street (were possible) to get another perspective on the same location
  • Intersections are hotspots for spotting exotic cars – make sure to jump around to all 4 corners of the intersection to increase your odds
  • Look behind you if you are in a “hot spot”, as many high-end cars were found this way for us
  • Try looking up a fancy retail store (clothing, furniture, cars, etc) and then search around that area
  • Look-up wealthy zip codes

Use these tips and the ‘Top Places to Spot Exotic Cars’ list and you should be off to great start. Happy rare car hunting and please post a comment if you find an amazing place to find a rare exotic car on Google Maps StreetView.


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