Classic American Pony Cars

American Pony Cars

A great number of automotive enthusiasts don’t quite know the difference between a muscle car and pony car, and even many “experts” disagree on how these car classifications are defined. We consider muscle cars to be full-size cars or larger, built with the focus of serious straight line acceleration, and equipped with high-horsepower big-block V-8 engines (or larger). On the other hand we consider pony cars to have slightly smaller body dimensions (typically midsize cars) and feature a less powerful V-8 engine than muscle cars.  Additionally, we think that a pony car cannot contain the highest output engine available for that model, otherwise we would classify that vehicle as a muscle car.  Although we recognize some of the differences between pony cars and muscle cars; we generally use ‘muscle cars’ as a catchall term to describe factory produced hotrods, including pony cars. Check out the cool graphic from below that shows some information on perhaps the three most iconic pony cars of all-time. Make sure to cast your vote below on which American pony car that you think is the greatest.

History of the Pony Car:

American Pony Cars

Best pony car of all-time?

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