Colorful Lamborghini Aventadors take on New York City

Lamborghini Colors

In the Youtube video below, four colorful Lamborghini Aventadors take on New York City. As if one Lambo Aventador wasn’t enough to make a solid video, the producers included four and each in amazing and unique colors. We already know that the Aventador is one of our favorite supercars of all-time, so the only thing in question is which color is our favorite. The new Lamborghini Aventadors in the video are dressed in Verde Ithaca Green, Arancio Argos Orange, Monterey Blue and Lamborghini’s brand new red color. Vote below on which color you think looks the best on the Lamborghini Aventador.

Colorful Lamborghini Aventador Video:


Other Amazing Lamborghini Aventador Videos:


Best exotic sports car color?

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