Top 25 Dumbest, Most Idiotic and Overrated Car Accessories

Stupid Car Accessories

Just because some car accessories exist on the market doesn’t mean that you should buy them.  The ability for car owners to personalize their ride to reflect their unique personality and interests is a great thing in theory, but there are scores of car accessories on the market that are broadly considered to be ridiculously stupid products.  Whether the stupid car accessory has a poor design, annoys others, has an overtly tacky design or simply makes your car look a lot worse with it than without it; there are many accessories that car owners should just take a pass on.  In no particular order here are the top 25 dumbest car accessories available.


1.)  Fast Food Swivel Tray

If you eat in your car so much that you find value in buying a fast food tray to hold that greasy cheeseburger and fries, then you may have a problem.  If you must eat and run then why not go inside every now in then or at least use your lap or the passenger seat?  Seems like a pretty pointless car accessory not to mention embarrassing (for most of us) to have to explain that that tray in your car is for your daily fast food pig out.


2.)  Gigantic Spoilers

Unless your car has a ton of horsepower and you make regular runs at the race track, then you don’t need a huge spoiler.  Besides it looking dumb, it adds weight, increasing drag without any benefit and subsequently lowers your fuel economy.  If these are all things you want to achieve then go for it.


3.)  Huge Truck Nuts

Funny to some, but to most people are tacky and hint at an emotionally underdeveloped owner.


4.)  Phony Bullet Hole Stickers

No one believes that they’re real and if they do then I’m guessing they are stupid enough to think most of the car accessories on this list are awesome.  For those that place these stickers on their car in an attempt to gain street cred, then you’re even more pathetic then those that put it on their car in an attempt to be humorous.


5.)  Self-Righteous Bumper Stickers

Trust me, no one gives a rip that your kid is an honor student, especially if their kid isn’t.


6.)  Fake Chrome Spinning Hubcaps

Made to look like Spinner Wheels, these imitation spinners are built from cheap plastic and fake chrome coating resulting in the perfect automotive accessory to make any car look much worse.


7.)  Bogus Vents and Hood Scoops

It’s bad enough when car manufacturers add non-functional vents and scoops to their cars, but to purposely add aftermarket stick-on fake vents and scoops is downright idiotic and will make your car look awfully cheap in a hurry.


8.)  Calvin Urinating Stickers

A sticker of a cartoon young boy peeing on things is not at all cool.


9.)  Car Eye Lashes & Carstaches

Unless it’s Halloween and you’re driving to a costume party to one-up everyone by also dressing up your car, then don’t drive around with one of these ridiculous, tacky fake moustaches or set of headlight eye lashes.


10.)  Antenna Toppers

For older cars with upright antennas these car accessories can add a bit of personality to your ride, albeit in a rather tacky way.  Furthermore, these accessories tend to become quite annoying as you drive at higher speeds by repeatedly banging into your car windshield and/or roof.


11.)  Engine Sound Generators

Making your Chevy Spark sound like a 12 cylinder Ferrari or a beefy V8 muscle car is only remotely cool if you actually swapped your engine out for the more powerful one.  It actually makes your car perform marginally worse since it now has to lug around this dumb car accessory.


12.)  Fake Model Decals

If all you could afford buy was the entry-level standard spec mustang, then own up to it and leave the emblems alone.  Changing the emblems to Shelby GT500 or Boss 302 just makes you a poser.


13.)  Vanity Shift Knobs

If there are cool vanity shift knobs out there, then we haven’t seen them.  All we have seen are ridiculous fake skulls, pistols, diamonds, eyeballs and so on which all make the owner look about 12 years old.


14.)  Neon Lights

Although some new cars have colorful accent lighting, such as in higher-end Ford models, many car owners with aftermarket neon lighting overdo the effect with bright lighting under the car, in the cabin, in the truck, and so on.


15.)   Car Bras

Protecting the front of your vehicle’s paint from scratches and chips is a good idea, but using a car bra to do so is a bad one.  These automotive accessories always loosen overtime only to flap against your car and cause damage to the paint it was intended to protect.  Go with a clear film covering instead for better aesthetics and protection.


16.)  Stuffed Animals, Dolls & Bobble Heads

Stuffed animals, dolls, Beanie Babies, bobble heads or even action figures proudly displayed in the rear window ledge or dashboard are certainly one of the pathetic ways people choose to accessorize their cars.  This is a good option if you want to tell other motorists that you a bit socially awkward and have hoarder tendencies (when dozens are displayed).  These items in cars are perfectly ok as long as they are left their by your child and not acting as an auto accessory.


17.)  Ridiculously Large Wheels & Tires

Perhaps these look cool to some individuals, but any wheels beyond 24 inches are simply way too big.  Oversize wheels and tires distort the vehicles precisely-engineered geometry that afforded it with the suitable handling, fuel economy and performance.  Generally speaking, the thinner the tires, the higher the impact to the large expensive wheels become.


18.)  Lamborghini Style Doors

Although scissor doors can look amazing on half million dollar Lamborghini’s, doesn’t mean that your Kia Rio Wagon will be enhanced by them.  Also you now need to worry about clearance above your vehicle as well as beside it in order to open your car doors.


19.)  Whistle Tips

Lacks any practical function for enhancing the car, but does an incredible job of annoying other people with its constant, screeching whistling sound.


20.)  Fake Hood Pins

Genuine race cars have had engineers obsessed with reducing the car’s weight eliminate all unnecessary components including even the hood latch assemblies.  In the ultra competitive world of motorsports these small weight reduction measures can add up to a noticeable result on race day, although pretending that your standard spec street car is a legitimate race car by gluing on a couple imitation hood pins is pretty dorky.


21.)  Police Strobe Kit

Is it worth installing this in your ride knowing that an expensive ticket awaits if you ever try to enjoy it on the public streets?  Take a lesson from rapper DMX and don’t turn on your police strobe kit or it could even land you in jail if people pull over for you.


22.)  Family Stickers

These stick figure family stickers were novel for maybe a couple years and now due to their prevalence have become quite annoying to a lot of people.  If these stickers were still a novelty then they wouldn’t have made the list.  I understand having pride in your family, but most folks don’t care about how many children you have, their gender, their interests or how many pets you have.


23.)  Bolt-on Exhaust Tips

These easily qualify as a stupid car accessory since they do absolutely nothing for performance as they allude that they do. Changing the diameter of the exhaust pipe on the last foot or so does exactly nothing for performance.  Unless you run larger free-flowing exhaust pipe from the engine on back then you’re not going to see a benefit so what’s the point?  Furthermore exhaust tips are often obnoxiously large (seen on import tuners or pickups) and awkwardly extrude from the vehicle.


24.)  Bedazzled Car Accessories

Just because your handbag, shoes or smart phone cover looks fashionable being bedazzled, doesn’t mean that giving your car emblems, shift knob or other car components the bedazzled treatment will make your car look any better.


25.)  Fake Wood/Carbon Fiber

These stick-on car parts almost never adhere properly and rather obviously look bogus to anyone that has seen the real deal.  Like many of the other stupid car accessories on this list, they make your car look cheaper rather than more expensive and luxurious.

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Which car accessory is the stupidest?

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