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Largest and Most Expensive Private Car Collections

Sultan of Brunei Cars

The Sultan of Brunei …

car collection A combination of a seemingly unquenchable thirst for the expensive exotic cars, high-end luxury cars, priceless classic cars and one of a kind concept cars and a $20 billion dollar bank account has created the largest and most expensive car collection in the world.  The Sultan’s exotic car collection is so decadently massive that it is estimated to currently be worth near Jay Leno’s reported net worth, or $350 million dollars.  His most expensive car, and one of the priciest cars in the world, is a $14 million dollar custom Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine loaded with 24k gold. His collection includes the rarest fast exotic cars that you can think of including a McLaren F1 (well make that 8 of them),  Ferrari FX, Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and Bugatti Veyron 16.4.  Although there have been lists published detailing some of the cars in the Sultan’s amazing car collection, there is still no entirely accurate and complete accounting of his car inventory.  Speculation for his car collection varies drastically between 3,000 and 6,000 exotic cars.


Jay Leno …

private car collectionJay Leno is currently the most famous car collector on earth and known almost as much for his car collecting passion (or addiction) as for his stand-up comedy and talk show hosting.  Jay Leno’s car collection is dynamic so he is constantly adding, trading or modifying cars and motorcycles, but he is currently rumored to have well over 100 cars and over 90 motorcycles.  Leno’s car collection is diverse in terms of age, price, rarity, engine configuration, brand, etc.  For instance he has a 1906 Stanley Steamer and also a brand new McLaren P1  hypercar.  Jay Leno is respected as a true car guy that procures cars (albeit expensive ones) simply because he loves automobiles as opposed to collecting high-end cars as a status symbol.  Within his massive warehouse garage he even has special equipment for working on cars such as a sheet metal English wheel, welding machines, water jet cutter, plasma cutter, etc.  View the Jay Leno car collection below.


Ken Lingenfelter …

huge car collectionsTucked away in large, squeakily clean warehouse in the quiet town of Brighton, Michigan is one of the best rare car collections in the World.  It belongs to Ken Lingenfelter who is the son of a successful GM executive.  Ken made a fortune in the real estate settlement industry and in more recent years has made a name for himself with the purchase of his cousin’s high-performance aftermarket parts company,  Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.  Ken’s collection includes some of the most exotic cars in the world, not to mention expensive.  He graciously allows the public to come and view his car collection on a fairly regular basis and donates the admission proceeds to charity.  Like the Sultan of Brunei and Jay Leno, Ken Lingenfelter continues to grow his amazing rare car collection each year.


Other Honorable Mentions …

Although Leno, Lingenfelter and the Sultan have perhaps the three largest and most expensive private car collections in the world, there are a number of other insanely immense car collections out there.  Some celebrities that are known for their amazing car collections include (but are not limited to) Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Lauren and Birdman (rapper).

Tim Allen’s Car Collection:

Ralph Lauren’s Car Collection:

Bryan Williams “Birdman” Car Collection:

Dick Marconi’s Car Collection:

Jerry Seinfeld’s Car Collection:

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Car Collection:

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      • Stephen j reyes

        Gotta agree with you there super stock, why so much hatred when the subject is simply beautiful rolling art! Though if I did have so much moola, would help people in the good old usa. Me myself, like Ralphs ferraris, but also enjoy a cherry ask doozy as does Mr Leno. Africa? Straight outta left field that one is. I would help people right here in the last and best, and that is Hawaii nei! And jorge, with such a vulgar mind, I bet matty loves his body temperature ain’t that so Ms. Maynard?

  • Tsu Nami

    These car collections are all insanely cool and everything (Jay Leno’s being my favorite)…but what’s the point of having a gazillion cars if you aren’t going to drive any? I understand that these are cars worth millions, but cars are meant to be driven, not stared at. Some guy recently crashed his $30,000,000 Aston Martin classic racer, and I applaud him for driving that thing on the track like it was meant to be. So I just hope Ralph Lauren drives his 250TR…

    • Jorge H Ibarra

      Leno drives his insane collection which is one of the reasons I love what he does, i like you believe that these amazing pieces
      of engineering are meant to be driven and i feel that Mr Leno as a former mechanic knows, understands and agrees with this sentiment the vast majority have their cars as in investment tool and status symbol

  • Jorge H Ibarra

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  • Pat Boyle

    Leno of course also has built several of the cars in his collection. He has many exotic and bizarre fabrication devices. But the best thing about Leno is that he actually knows what he’s talking about. He is a walking car encyclopedia. He’s a hard guy to stump.

  • GuitarMan

    I’ve seen some of the Sultan’s collection while working on other video shoots for him.. Soooo many autos. Most diverse collection I’ve ever seen. Way more than Jay’s. But I like Jay’s Garage show, where everyone can see his cars.

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