Amazing All Black Murdered Out Cars

Murdered Out Vehicles

You may be a bit perplexed by the title of this post and asking yourself, ‘What is Murdered Out?’  Don’t worry this has nothing to do with killing, but rather is simply referring to a specific styling of a vehicle.  A Murdered Out car or truck is one that is all black or “blacked out” as far as the exterior paint, windows tint (usually 20% or less), wheels, logo/emblems and sometimes other components of the vehicle such as the chrome accents and taillights.  Many people’s definition of Murdered Out cars refers to ones that have absolutely no gloss or shinny attributes and feature a matte black paint job. This is likely the most commonly accepted definition of Murdered Out vehicles. The following picture gallery shows primarily high-end cars and trucks that are Murdered Out with black paint jobs, dark window tint, black rims and a few also with darkened lights and chrome. Although most of these may not fit everyone’s precise definition of a Murder Out car, we think you will agree that these cars still look amazing.


Black Murdered Out Car Pictures:


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