50 Car-Related Baby Names

Car Baby Names List

In this follow-up post to our List of the Top 125 Car-Related Baby Names you’ll see an additional 50 baby names derived from car makes or models.

If you’re a car guy or gal who is expecting a child, then odds are you’ve entertained the idea of naming your baby with a car related name. This is not at all uncommon. If you’re serious about it, then you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a whopping 175 car baby names to choose from between this post and our former post on this subject. This baby name list doesn’t even include all the car part or automotive event baby name possibilities that exist, such as Willow, after Willow Springs International Raceway or Brock, short for Edelbrock auto parts. Check out the list below and start naming your babies!


Car Baby Names for Boys: ♂

Baby Boy Car Names List
Arnold     (Arnold Benz, UK)

Arrol     (Arrol-Johnston, UK)

Maxwell     (Maxwell Motor Company, USA)

Knox     (Knox Automobile Company, USA)

Gordon     (Napier Gordon Bennett, UK)

Bennett     (Napier Gordon Bennett, UK)

Mercer     (Mercer Motor Cars, USA)

Thomas     (Thomas Flyer, USA)

Miller     (Miller Boyle, USA)

Morris     (Morris Motors Limited, UK)

Briggs     (Briggs & Stratton Smith Flyer, USA)

Scout     (BSA Scout, UK) and (International Harvester Scout, USA)

Garant     (Hanomag Garant, Germany)

Lance     (Lagonda V12 Lancefield, UK)

Tucker     (Tucker 48, USA)

Hillman     (Hillman, UK)

Bradford     (Jowett Bradford, UK)

Healy/Healey     (Healy, UK) and (Austin-Healey, UK)

Allard     (Allard, UK)

Edsel     (Edsel, USA)

Kaiser     (Kaiser, USA)

Darrin     (Kaiser Darrin, USA)

Kurtis     (Kurtis Kraft, USA)

Ace     (AC Ace, UK)

Armstrong     (Armstrong Siddeley, UK)


Car Baby Names for Girls: ♀

Baby Girl Car Names List
Adler     (Adler, Germany)

Brooke     (Brook Swan, UK)

Riley     (Riley Motors Limited, UK)

Opel     (Opel, Germany)

Morgan     (Morgan Motor Company, UK)

Lea     (Lea-Francis, UK)

Francis     (Lea-Francis, UK)

Aprilia     (Lancia Aprilia, Italy)

Talbot     (Talbot, UK)

Bristol     (Bristol Cars Limited, UK)

Sierra     (GMC Sierra, USA)

Devon     (Anstin A40 Devon, UK)

Dyna     (Toyota Dyna, Japan)

Crosley     (Crosley Motors, USA)

Octavia     (Skoda Octavia, Czech)

Berkeley     (Berkeley Cars Limited, UK)

Aurora     (Oldsmobile Aurora, USA)

Janus     (Zundapp Janus, Germany)

Rio     (Kia Rio, South Korea)

Isetta     (BMW Isetta, Germany)

Cresta     (Vauxhall Cresta, UK)

Siddeley     (Armstrong Siddeley, UK)

Isabella     (Borgward Isabella, Germany)

Maserati     (Maserati S.p.A, Italy)

Avalon     (Toyota Avalon, Japan)


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