NASCAR 101- How Does NASCAR work?

How Does Nascar Work

If you’re new to Nascar then you’re likely asking yourself some of the following questions. How does Nascar work? What do the Nascar flags mean? How many Nascar races are there? The Nascar for beginners info-graphic provided below will answer these questions and more.  Nascar, which is short for “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing” actual has its roots in bootlegging during the prohibition period.  Bootleggers modified their stock cars to make them faster on back country roads in order to out-run police cars in hot pursuit and increase their odds of a successful delivery of alcohol.  Formed in 1948, it has gone through many transitions and is currently the fastest growing sport in the United States and gaining thousands of new fans each week. Some critics of Nascar claim that the racing can be relatively boorish compared to other forms of auto racing such as LeMans or GT Series, but don’t knock it until you try it.  Going to a Nascar race is truly a full 5 senses experience with the screams of the engines and the fans, the smoking tires and brakes, the food and the brightly colored race cars.  Browse the info-graphic below to learn more about the basics of Nascar.

How Does NASCAR Work


Recent Nascar Racing Pictures:


Who is the best Nascar driver of all-time?

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