List of the Top 125 Car-Related Baby Names

Car Baby Names

Name your child after a car brand, car model, car part or common automotive terms!

If you’re a car guy with a baby on the way in your family then the thought may have crossed your mind to blend your passion for cars with your soon to be bundle of joy. Just because some baby names are based on cars brands, models, parts or general auto terms doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be tacky or weird. Don’t be the guy who says, “This is my son Silverado and my twin daughters Lamborghini and Firebird.” You should also probably steer clear of car-inspired names like Spark Plug, Cobra, Intrigue, Altima, Buick and Mustang. These names are only acceptable if you’re raising a team of G.I. Joe action figures and/or a pack of husky sled dogs that you’re racing in the Iditarod.

Rest assured there are many more acceptable and cool car-related baby names you can choose without your wife or partner flipping out. They’re unique without being weird or inappropriate and just might make your kid the coolest car-kid in class. How do you like this car-guy? “This is my son Colt and my twin daughters Aspen and Elise.” Sounds better to us too. Check out the list below and start naming those babies!


Car Baby Names for Boys:

Car Names for Baby Boys
Allen     (Allen, 1913-1921)

Anderson     (Anderson, 1916-1925)

Aston     (Aston Martin)

Atlas     (Atlas Motor Car Company, 1907-1911)

Atom     (Ariel Atom)

Audi     (Audi)

Austin     (Austin Motor Company)

Axle     (auto part)

Baron     (Chrysler Le Baron)

Bryan     (Bryan Steam Car, 1918-1923)

Cam     (short for a camshaft auto part)

Cherokee     (Jeep Cherokee)

Chevelle     (Chevrolet Chevelle)

Chevy     (Chevrolet)

Clio     (Renault Clio)

Cole     (Cole Motor Car Company, 1909-1925)

Colt     (Dodge Colt)

Cooper     (Mini Cooper)

Corbin     (Corbin, 1904-1912)

Cord     (Cord Corporation Cord L-29, 1929-1937)

Dayton     (Dayton Electric Cars, 1911-1915)

Diesel     (fuel type)

Dino     (Ferrari Dino)

Dodge     (Dodge)

Enzo     (Ferrari Enzo)

Ford     (Ford)

Forrester     (Subaru Forrester)

Franklin     (Franklin Automobile Company, 1902-1934)

Gauge     (car part)

Gaylord     (Gaylord Motorcar Company, 1911-1912)

Harrison     (Harrison Wagon Company Harrison, 1905-1907)

Hemi     (engine type)

Henry     (Henry Motor Car Company Henry, 1910-1912)

Herbie     (VW Bug movie car)

Holden     (Holden)

Hudson     (Hudson, 1909-1957)

Jack     (short for a car jack auto part)

Jackson     (Jackson Automobile Company Jackson, 1903-1923)

Jazz     (Honda Jazz)

Jeffery     (Thomas B. Jeffery Company Jeffery, 1902-1917)

Jimmy     (GMC Jimmy)

Lincoln     (Lincoln)

Logan     (Renault Logan)

Malcolm     (Malcolm Jones, 1914-1915)

Mark     (Lincoln Mark Series)

Martin     (Aston Martin)

Maverick     (Ford Maverick)

Monte     (Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

Morgan     (Morgan)

Nash     (Nash Motors Company, 1917-1957)

Owen     (Owen Magnetic Motor Car Corporation, 1915-1922)

Packard     (Packard, 1899-1958)

Pierce     (Pierce-Arrow Motor Company, 1901-1938)

Ranger     (Ford Ranger)

Riker     (Riker Electric Vehicle Company, 1897-1902)

Romeo     (Alfa Romeo)

Ross     (Ross Steamer, 1905-1909)

Royce     (Rolls-Royce)

Shelby     (Shelby)

Stanley     (Stanley Motor Carriage Company, 1902-1924)

Stu     (short for Studebaker, 1902-1966)

Veyron     (Bugatti Veyron)

Vin     (Vehicle Identification Number)

Willy     (Willys “Jeep”)

Wilson     (Wilson Automobile Manufacturing Company, 1903-1905)


Car Baby Names for Girls:

Car Names for Baby Girls
Acadia     (GMC Acadia)

Agera     (Koenigsegg Agera R)

Aria     (Tata Aria)

Ariel     (Ariel Atom)

Aspen     (Chrysler Aspen)

Auburn     (Auburn Automobile Company, 1900-1936)

Aurelia     (Lancia Aurelia)

Avanti     (Studebaker Avanti)

Azera     (Hyundai Azera)

Bentley     (Bentley)

Beretta     (Chevrolet Beretta)

Brera     (Alfa Romeo Brera)

Capri     (Ford Capri)

Caprice     (Chevrolet Caprice)

Carrera     (Porsche 911 Carrera)

Carroll     (Carroll Automobile Company, 1921-1922)

Catalina     (Pontiac Catalina)

Catera     (Cadillac Catera)

Catherina     (Saab Catherina)

Celica     (Toyota Celica)

Christine     (Christine Direct Action Motor Company, 1904-1910)

Dakota     (Dodge Dakota)

Dixie     (Dixie Flyer, 1916-1923)

Dorris     (Dorris Motors Corporation, 1906-1925)

Elantra     (Hyundai Elantra)

Eleanor     (Shelby GT500 movie car)

Elise     (Lotus Elise)

Elva     (Elva)

Fabia     (Skoda Fabia)

Felicia     (Skoda Felicia)

Gale     (Western Tool Works Gale Model A, 1905-1907)

Giulia     (Alfa Romeo Giulia)

Giulietta     (Alfa Romeo Giulietta)

Holley     (Holley Motor Car Company, 1900-1904)

Integra     (Acura Integra)

Laura     (Skoda Laura)

Lexus     (Lexus)

Liana     (Suzuki Liana)

Linea     (Fiat Linea)

Marbella     (Seat Marbella)

Mercedes     (Mercedes-Benz)

Milan     (Mercury Milan)

Mira     (Daihatsu Mira)

Miura     (Lamborghini Miura)

Nova     (Chevrolet Nova)

Paige     (Paige-Detroit, 1908-1927)

Porsche     (Porsche)

Sable     (Mercury)

Savana     (GMC Savana)

Sienna     (Toyota Sienna)

Sierra     (GMC Sierra)

Silvia     (Nissan Silvia)

Sonata     (Hyundai Sonata)

Star     (Durant Motors Star)

Stella     (solar-powered car)

Verona     (Suzuki Verona)

Victoria     (Ford Crown Victoria)

Zeta     (Zeta)

Zoe     (Renault Zoe)

Zonda     (Pagani Zonda)


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