102 year old Margaret Dunning and her cherished 1930 Packard

Margaret Dunning Car

102 year old Michigan native Margaret Dunning has made headlines in her life for a number of topics, including her philanthropy, but recently for her unyielding love of classic automobiles. Her car story is indeed interesting from a variety of angles.

For starters, she is 102 years young and still driving.  Margaret gleefully secured her first drivers license when she was only 12 years of age, so if my math is correct she has been hitting the road for 90 years and counting. That in and of itself is a pretty incredible feat and a milestone that is not often accomplished.  Don’t assume that since she is a 102 year old woman that she is a slow poke. On the contrary, Margaret jokingly describes herself as having lead in her feet, which points to the large quantity of speeding tickets she has received over the years.

Also interesting about Margaret Dunning is that she has owned and driven the same car for 63 years…so far.  Unlike some other old cars that don’t age well and simply appear, well old and out-of-date. Margaret Dunning’s car of choice for the past several decades is particularly classy and if anything grows more elegant with each passing year.  It’s a stunning, mint condition and flawlessly maintained (we will get to that part in a next) 1930 Packard 740 Roadster.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of Margaret Dunning’s car love affair is the amazing fact that she has maintained the Packard herself since she purchased it 1949.  She happily changes the Packard’s spark plugs and oil for all of these years, although she admittedly can’t jump under the car as easily as she once did.  Her skill around cars and will tools was developed on the farm her father owned, which actually was relatively close to the Henry Ford’s property.

Although she never married, Margaret enjoyed substantial success in business. Her self-made multi-millionaire status has helped her afford the luxury of ensuring that her baby parked in the garage is always in top running and cosmetic condition.  We salute Margaret Dunning for her amazing car passion that she has persisted throughout the years.


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