Review of Exotics Racing Experience Las Vegas

Exotics Racing Las Vegas

So how can I describe an experience like I had at Exotics Racing Las Vegas? Sure I can say it was incredible, hair-raising, thrilling, frightening, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, etc, but until you are there in these exotic cars, in the experience then you’re really not in fully know what it’s like. Telling you is one thing and it’s a whole different thing for you to personally feel the power of hundreds of horsepower at your disposal, the G-Force pressure on a 90 mph turn, the whiplash from a high-speed gear change, the smell of burning tires and hot ceramic brakes and hear the marvelous high RPM scream of the engine. Sure some descriptive pictures and videos will help tell the story, but again, unless you are one of the fortunate Exotics Racing clients then unfortunately you are simply not going to fully comprehend this.

What is Exotics Racing? Well to quote a scene from ‘The Game’ (one of my favorite flicks), “It will make your life fun…a profound life experience”. In less ambiguous terms, the Exotics Racing Experience of Las Vegas is an exotic car driving experience offering two main options: be the driver in one (or all) of 14 exotic cars or be driven by a world class race car driver around the closed race track. Which one is better? Prior to attending I was least looking forward to the ride-along experience, however after my hot laps around the complex in a vibrant blue Lamborghini Gallardo with a seasoned race car driver at the helm, my perspective was reversed. After the ride-along I candidly made the remark to the driver that my face hurt from smiling so much. Let that comment be a testament that the ride-along experience is not some lame kiddie coaster sort of ride, but rather a balls to the wall, hang on for dear life track experience that you’re not soon to forget.

Being the driver and behind the wheel of these expensive exotic cars is thrilling in a different way. At first I was disappointed to learn that I would be accompanied by a high-speed driving professional during the laps, but that quickly vanished once I began to understand the value in their presence. As the videos prove, the professionals are not only there for your and others safety (so that you can pass or be passed safely), but largely so that you get the most out of your experience. In all three of the cars I drove, the professional guided me on how to negotiate the track better and achieve higher top speeds and cornering. If I was driving on the track by myself, then I would have not attained even close to the quick lap times that I was able to get.

Is the price worth it? Well I can’t speak for everyone, but for my money…definitely. I’ve been to Las Vegas numerous times for business and pleasure. I’ve gambled, rode all the roller coasters, seen all the car showrooms and other attractions that it has to offer, but I found the Exotics Racing Experience to be more thrilling then the Vegas roller coasters, more interesting that some of the car showrooms (although the Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace is a must see) and a guaranteed adrenaline rush as opposed to the risks of gambling. I’ve “donated” a decent amount to the Vegas casinos, so I say if you gamble and win, then take your winnings to this amazing car experience. If you have a limited budget and planned to gamble, then don’t…you’ll probably lose anyway so you might as well try something uniquely exciting and test your skills on the track before you also donate to the Casinos.

I encourage you to check out all of the subsequent posts detailing my Exotic Car Driving Experience. Please note that I was NOT PAID to write this review (I know some of you would be suspicious with such a glowing review) but it simply was an incredible time. No complaints…at all. Friendly staff that obviously loves their jobs (they will openly tell you this, and their continuous smiles do non-verbally), clean facilities, knowledgeable and safety-conscious staff, prompt service, etc…what’s not to like?

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