Cool Car Door Designs

Car Door Designs

Car designers like to push the envelope with design and innovate. Through this process have emerged several cool car door designs beyond the conventional car door design which is hinged at the front edge and allows the door to swing outward away from the body of the car.  Most cars use this conventional car door architecture including many supercars such as Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 918 Spyder and so on.  Despite this there are a number of cars that dare to be different and make bold statements with the way in which the doors operate.  Some of the door designs require a bit of theater from the passenger to enter and exit the vehicle by requiring them to thoroughly contort their body to get in, such as in the Mclaren F1 or Ford GT.  The following list is comprised of the main types of non-traditional car doors.  These car doors are a break from the mold of conventional architecture and offer something often practical and always eye-catching.


Butterfly Doors

Butterfly Car Doors
These car doors move up and outwards allowing for easy entry and exit as well while saving space as well.

Scissor Doors

Scissor Car Doors
These car doors rotate up and down vertically, are hinged on or near the end of the windshield which allow for entry and exit in tight areas.


Gullwing Doors

Gullwing Car Doors
These car doors sort of look like seagulls opening their wings and are hinged on their uppermost edge and at the roof.


Sliding Doors

Sliding Car Doors
These car doors open by sliding horizontally or vertically on or suspended from a track system.


Canopy Doors

Canopy Car Doors
These car doors are situated on the top of the car and lift up via a hinge at the front or back of the door assembly to provide wide open access for the passengers. This car door design strongly resembles fighter jets doors such as equipped on the F-16.


Swan Doors

Swan Car Doors
You can find the Swan Door on modern Aston Martins.   At first glance the Swan Door looks like any other door, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that they are indeed special.  The Swan Door actually opens out (as normal), but on a subtle upward tilt.  Why?  Most Aston Martins are close to the ground to lower their center of gravity and improve handling, however this means if you park close to a curb you’re going to open the door into it.  The Swan Door prevents this collision from occurring, although critics have said the door can close on their own on only the slightest inclines.


Suicide Doors

Suicide Car Doors
These car doors are essentially backwards conventional doors and are hinged on the trailing edge. The name originates from the potential for the door to open if the latch was released as the car was driving forward at a considerable rate of speed.


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